Whisper A Prayer

There is a little chorus which says: Whisper a prayer in the morning,
Whisper a prayer at noon,
Whisper a prayer in the evening,
To keep your heart in tune.

God answers prayer in the morning,
God answers prayer at noon,
God answers prayer in the evening,
He'll keep your heart in tune.

So often we think that prayer must be some sort of big production. We must be in a certain place, a certain position and repeat certain words. I am glad it is not for I would have had a terrible time doing that in the back of an ambulance with a broken brain. My stunned husband and son who had absolutely no idea of what was happening for awhile (neither did medical personal), could do nothing more than cry out in agony to God.

I have a friend who prays for me daily. Actually, there is more than one, for which I am very thankful for. My friend does not spend hours and hours on bended knee reciting pretty words and phrases. A single heart-felt sentence, a single sincere thought that God be with me goes a long way! This is how powerful prayer is.

There is a song I love by Stephen Curtis Chapman called "Let Us Pray". May it serve as a reminder to you that even as we go about our daily business on this road called life, every moment of the day is the right time to pray. May prayer become as natural to us as breathing.


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Charlotte Devenish @charlottie ·

I really like this, thank you for posting. I've always been taught by my youth leaders that you should pray like you're talking to a friend, not reciting a speech. So I often randomly throw a "Hi, today is really nice, thanks for the sunshine, you're awesome, love you!" at God. Because he does love to hear our whispers to him, whether they are heartfelt confessions or just idle chit-chat.
Thank you, God bless

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