Who Are You Listening To?

My husband and I have been having some serious talks with our son lately. He's been dating a young woman for more than a year now and while they're not engaged, the subject of marriage has been coming up. Both my son and his girlfriend have strong Christian backgrounds. The problem is there are some rather critical points they see differently. I'm not mentioning what because the specifics aren't that important. What is important is they are having needing to discover exactly what God is saying to them rather than what their respective churches, pastors and (sigh) even parents are saying.

I have to confess this is a tough one for parents. Suffice it to say the official statement of my son's girlfriend's church brands my husband and I as false teachers and states that have taught our child dangerous doctrine. As a parent, it is painful to know your son is attending services at a church which disapproves of you.

This is when we have to remember our children must be rooted and grounded in their own relationship with God. We can't bully them into walking with God. It has to come from the heart. So, my husband and I are praying. We are asking God to help our son walk God's way, not our way.

I agonized before the Lord late into the night last evening and called my son this morning. He started out the conversation by saying, "Mom, an amazing thing happened last night after I talked to you. I went to see my girlfriend and for the first time we were able to talk about my faith without her saying she just couldn't go there now."

Who are you listening to?

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Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

This is a situation that alot of people find themselves in. Let no man come between what God has brought together. We sometimes have a hard time understanding what God is doing, but lets make no mistake in knowing that His way is the only way. Without going into specifics of how we disagree sometimes with others view of God, let us remember that our LORD chose you to follow Him, and maybe just maybe He chose your son to help this young lady come along with us.

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