Who Does God Say You Are?

One of the ploys of the enemy is to try to get us to forget who we are in Christ. He will tell us that we are not "good enough". He will point out all of our flaws and he will be right. We aren't "good enough" and we do have flaws. However, the enemy never tells the whole truth and when one willfully neglects to tell the whole truth, it is a lie. Remember that.

The enemy loves to tell you that first part but the last thing he wants you to remember is the second part. He wants us to forget that knowing who and what we are, Christ died for us. He wants us to forget about love, mercy, forgiveness and grace. That is the last thing the enemy wants us to think about.

I am urging everyone who reads this blog to remember who God says they are. Not who someone else says you are but who God says you are. Does this mean there are never things we must change in our lives? Things that we must make right? No. When we remember who we are in Christ, it will spur us call out to the Holy Spirit to help us do some housecleaning. We uh... sometimes get sloppy. Some dirt has gotten tracked in and we were negligent about sweeping it out. We haven't been dusting regularly and there is some film that needs to get removed. Oh and we need to do the dishes. We've been eating off things which are dirty. :eek:

Do you remember who you are? Good! Now, let's get to work!


K :princess:

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

"Though the world sees my body as ugly and bent, it was for me Christ was sent. And in HIS eyes I shall always be beautiful, complete, whole, and free." That is the last line of a poem I wrote many years ago, In His eyes.
Thanks for the reminder.

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

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Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·


Think I did it this time.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Catchy title, K :princess: . What He says is what is gonna count, for sure. My only hope is in Jesus Christ, regarding everything. God Bless you K :princess: , you sure are needed around here.

And for some odd reason it says I must use 50 words, and only had 37. Wow, I was accused of saying too little!!!! Everybody remember that!!! :mrgreen: