Who Says Women Talk More than Men!

If you are looking for a serious blog that will spiritually uplifting, has a moral or be a tear-jerker, move on and keep on looking for you will not find it here. This blog does address a rather serious issue though in regards to a vicious rumor that has been around for centuries. In fact, though there is no concrete proof, it is suspected that this rumor has been around since the beginning of time. It is highly probable that this rumor may have even been started by Adam, himself. In any case, we do know that without a doubt this rumor had to have been started by... a man.

Men have repeated this rumor amongst themselves so much that they believe it to be true. They faithfully pass this rumor on to their sons. I think they have a law amongst themselves that says that any man who neglects to do so will be severely punished, cast out and shunned by every other man who has ever lived for all eternity. What is this vicious false rumor that men insist on perpetuating for all eternity?

Women talk more than men!

While recent studies have indicated that women tend to use only slightly more words a day than men, my own independent study here at CB shows a slightly different picture.

A few minutes ago, I tabulated how many blogs have been published by the top 30 bloggers here at CB. At that time, there were 9,302 blogs. I discovered that 5,879 of those blogs were written by men and 3,432 blogs were written by women. That means 63% of these blogs had male authors while only 37% had female authors. So who's more talkative, men?

What I was sorry to see is that on that list of 30 top bloggers only 10 were women. C'mon Princesses, we need those blogs that have that extra special female touch!

Did I just hear a high-squeaky voice ask if I counted the number of comments including wall and chat conversations? Hm... that voice sounds rather like a man trying to pretend like a woman is asking that question. Don't you guys ever grow up? Sigh...

No, I did not. This study is not about comments. It is about blogs and the evidence shows that when it comes to writing blogs... men have a lot to say.

As for the other, well, you guys go do your hunting thing and do the research while we princesses do our gathering thing and gather up some chocolate truffles to munch on while we write more blogs.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Well, there are only two of us in this house and I can say that without doubt, the man talks more than the woman! 😉

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Maybe because we talk faster they think we are talking MORE...haha... :butterfly:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Hehe...It really is AMAZING the difference? :studying: I am reading a book (very slowly of course as I am not an avid reader)...I should say I STARTED a book (when I will not tell you for fear of total embarrassment) called "That's My Son" by Rick Johnson...I am the only female in our little pod of three and I find it VERY interesting...the idea is to teach women/mothers about their sons/men in general so they can better understand and relate to them and vice versa...I have already learned something that will help not only with my son...but husband as well! Such as, when you want to get a point across make it short and to the point..you'll lose their attention with long one sided talks...short hits here and there are more effective...point taken but sooo hard to do when I get into "life lesson" or "honey we have to talk" mode!! haha. It's very good...I like it. Vive le difference!

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·
I had come to to check for a message,then logged out and this blog caught my eye so I had to log back in to read it and comment on it.

It's about time someone set this rumor straight

Anyone who thinks women talk less than women has not met my husband. This man can talk 24/7 and still find more to say!

I think you have presented sufficient evidence to prove this rumor wrong. :mrgreen:

Thank You and Bessing

Maria Abigail Guevarra @purifymyheart ·

[quote]Women talk more than men![/quote]

That rumor should indeed be put into a stop

Hugs, Abbie
K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

It has come to my attention that this is indeed a serious problem world-wide as evidenced from the responses here. Though they have not yet posted here, I am certain that our resident Irish Princess, Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@Bethy) and our Princess from OZ, Shani Matthews (@Shanijane) would confirm that this rumor is rampant in their neck of the woods as well.

I also notice that the parties guilty of spreading such a rumor are strangely silent! :mrgreen:


K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

I can confirm that this rumor has reached my shores also.

Thankyou for setting it straight k!


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

An observation from the Irish/uk view.

On a Sunday morning, before the service starts one can barely get to the door of the church with the volume of men, hands in pockets,shoulders pushed back, rolling on the heels of their shoes chattering like a flock of starlings.

Flick the day on one hour ( give or take for a longer/ shorter sermon), and one again has to run the gauntlet of these men, my own hubby included, who yet again are "passing the time of day" .
Its like a whirl pool, venture too close and one gets sucked into the conversation, never to be seen again.

Yet we love them... don't we ??????????????

Serious note.. well done guys for flying the flag of blogging. And thank you for rarely mentioning tractors, racing cars and football ( soccer), though the odd mention of rugby and tennis is permitted. Well done boys :clap: :clap: