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This upcoming week will mark my twenty-sixth month here at CB, just a little over two years. As September draws to a close and I see we have not met our monthly obligations I have to tell you, my heart aches. I find myself thinking back to the end of July when so many people gave their support in regards to John getting a dedicated server. There was so much show of support and assurances that this was something the CB community wanted. We would back him up.

I could be wrong but if the Chip-In Box for this month is any indicator, that has not happened... and it grieves me. Less than 15 people have contributed to this site this month. Oh, I know what the Chip-In Box says but... I also know that some of those "contributors" are actually a contributor who has made more than one contribution throughout the month.

I am simply a member here like all of you. I am not writing this blog to make people feel bad if they are genuinely unable to contribute to CB. I know a number of people who are really struggling day by day and it grieves them that they either cannot give or cannot give more. I know a few who managed to scrape together a few dollars to donate simply because they so desperately wanted to support CB. They trusted God would provide for them.

We all know how much junk can be found on other sites. You won't find that here. Christianblog.com is supported by it's members rather than advertising. That's you and I.

When I tell people about CB, I tell them it is a blogging community. Yes, it is primarily a blogging website but it is so much more! It truly is a community for a number of us. Over time, you're not just reading and writing blogs. You're writing blogs to and commenting on the blogs of friends. It is a place where you can also post prayer requests, praise reports, chat, visit the prayer room and pray with other members and join groups which range from special interests to ministry/support groups.
How many places like that do you find on the internet?

Do I always see eye to eye with everyone here at CB, including the owner? Absolutely not nor do they see eye to eye with me. It would not be much of a community if we did. That would be scary! To tell you the truth, I've even been hurt pretty bad a few times but I keep coming back and I keep trying to support CB financially, as well as through writing blogs, commenting, praying for people, listening to people, lending my shoulder for them to cry on, laughing with them and running a couple of ministry groups here. Why? Because the blessings far outstrip any negative things I may have occasionally encountered.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When I was diagnosed with cancer and went through treatment for eight months back in 2008, I was so glad I was already a part of this community. I was so glad "the lights" were on and the doors were open here at CB. I have heard others testify to that as well. I pray that "the lights" will be on and the doors open for anyone who passes this way.

So I'd like to challenge those of us who are members to just stop for a moment and ask God it there is anything He'd like us to do to support CB. Then trust Him to enable you to do it.


K :princess:


Please tell me where you find this "Chip-in" Box, and is this something other than the membership fees we've pledged to?

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


Excellent summation of what I also have noticed and felt. I has been discouraging after the statements of support given only a month ago.

I, too, don't wnt those who genuinely can't make these contributions to feel guilty. But if you can fore go a latte a week or something similar, that would make a lot of difference.

This wonderful place serves so many. It does not need the financial support of a few who give a lot (although that would not be a bad thing), it need the support of a lot who can give a little each.


Art :reading:


Dear K--Well said. Well written. There is a coldness toward the things of God in my town. Except for a very few friends I meet with once a week, this is the only place I can go where talking about the things of God does not receive a blank stare and a, "Huh?" facial expression. CB is more than a community. It is a true fellowship of believers. :) YBIChrist--Ron

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have been watching that Chip-In Box and I am thrilled it is nearly at it's goal! :dance:
It is not there yet, however and tomorrow is the last day of the month. According to what I am seeing it is at 91% or just $90.00 short of our goal. I believe we can most CERTAINLY reach that as it would be a shame not to finish on top when we are sooooooooo very close!

Thank you to all who have given as you are able to this wonderful website. If God has laid it on your heart to give but you just don't think it is "enough", think again. God has a wonderful way of multiplying things and when we offer up what we have to him, some pretty amazing things always seem to happen.


K :princess:

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Hello Everybody,

I would like to say thank you for everybody that generously donated this month!

You all are the only reason this website is able to continue.

I am not just saying that to say that. I am simply unable to continue to pay the bills for the website on m own and unless we can continue to reach the amount of money we need to keep the website operational, the website would have a bleak future.

I seemed to have made a boo-boo last month when I made this months (Sept) ChipIn and I cut it a day short - oops

You may also notice that Octobers is $300.00 more than previous. This is due to a new piece of software to assist with technical support that we badly need.

As a few of you may remember, a few months back we put out a request for some financial help so we could get our new chatroom. Though it took a few months of sitting on the donations, we did finally get a new chatroom and everybody really loves it! So we are once again letting everybody know of a new additional expense for a new additional piece of software we need for the website. Normally we would have just saved up a few dollars over the course of a few months, but back when I put out a [blog=abelajohnb/christianblog-growth-i-need-some-help-folks/]plea for help[/blog] our members made it very clear to me that they wanted to know when and if I needed any additional financial help, so this being the first time I have needed it, I am honoring your request.

Really everybody, I just cannot thank each of you enough who have chosen to donate some of your own hard earned money. It truly amazes me. It blesses me. Thank you for helping me bless others! I really do mean that.

John B. Abela

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