With A Thankful Heart

Since October 18th my attention has been focused 100% on the little guy pictured on the right:

A few days before he was born, my son called to tell me that his wife was in crisis. We knew that she had developed preeclampsia which is life-threatening but after becoming quite ill, she went to the doctor. Little did she know she would not be coming home that night. Instead she was admitted to the hospital and finally told that she would not be going anywhere until her son was born.

It is a wonderful things when a full term baby is about to be born but it is a terrifying thing when a baby is born (or may need to be born) prematurely. My husband and I met up with my daughter-in-law's parents at the hospital and we prayed. Then we got the news that they did not need to induce laboryet and my daughter-in-law's condition was stable, for now. They began to administer drugs that would accelerate the lung development of the baby in preparation for a premature birth. Hopefully that would not be for at least another month. It ended up being a delay of five days but those five days had been spent preparing for his anticipated coming.

My husband had been born more than two months early just like our grandson but back then, most babies born that early did not survive. My husband not only survived but thrived. We tried to remember that. We also remembered that this little guy had not only been committed and dedicated to God by his parents; all of his grandparents as well as his surviving great-grandmother had done the same.

On October 18th we got the news that it was time. For the safety of his mother, it was time to be born whether he was ready or not. I was thankful that this was an age when it is no longer uncommon for preemies and even micro-preemies to survive but most of all, I was thankful for God who I knew was holding this little fellow as well as his mother in His hands.

I am very thankful that both of them are safe. My daughter-in-law had to stay in the hospital for four days and her son had to stay in NICU for about two weeks and is still in the Infant Care Center but today he topped 7 pounds and there is talk that he may be able to go home this week. His sucking reflex and strength have developed to the point that he can pretty much take all of his nourishment by bottle so we are hopeful the feeding tube will be able to be removed within the next few days.

The test results on his heart and eyes came back today and everything is just fine. His crib mattress which was gradually being lowered to aid his breathing is now flat and he is doing just fine. He is moving toward going home.

Over the past nine years, this has been a rather difficult time for me and my husband. December 3rd will mark the ninth anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. December 10th will mark the seventh anniversary of my ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke. December 14th marks the date my husband unexpectedly lost his job four years ago and... well... you get the idea. It seems like every December since 2007 has held a crisis for our family to the point that I actually dread December.

I need to remember though that December has also been the time when I have seen God at work the most. I have vividly seen Him step into situationsthat which seemed hopeless and transform darkness into light.



Beth M @blest ·

Hope he gets to come home soon

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God is good

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Praise God.

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