With Authority Comes Responsibility

Earlier today I was reading a blog written by @pastorpamdreamgirl entitled Authentic & Genuine Authority. I think it is an excellent blog but one line in particular really jumped out at me. She wrote:
Finally, Jesus gives us authority and with authority responsibility.

There is a lot of talk about the authority given to us by Jesus Christ. Often we struggle because we either do not realize the authority He has given us or we simply fail to utilize it. However, I also believe there is another side of the coin.

When we exercise the authority of Jesus Christ, we need to recognize that with that authority comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, those of us within the Body of Christ have often acted irresponsibly. The World is quick to point out the times we fail in our responsibilities but do we dismiss their accusations a bit too quickly without considering the possibility that they might be right?

To act under the authority of Jesus Christ is a very solemn thing. To put it into perspective, let's pretend you are an individual of extreme power and wealth. You must go off on a journey but in your absence you leave someone to stand in your place; a steward, agent or representative of you. Do you care how they do your business, run your household or even how they conduct or present themselves to others? Of course you do! They are representing YOU!

We bear the name Christ... Christian. We bear the responsibility of representing Him in this world during his physical absence from it. The World doesn't see Him, it see us. Are we a faithful representative of Jesus Christ? Do we behave responsibly in regards to the commission He has given us, the care of people he has entrusted to us, or the power He has given us access to?


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Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Good blog. There are many people that confuse what they see going on in the local church, and Christianity. They hesitate to come into the fold because they see all the hypocrisy of the poeple who attend church, and make the faulty conclusion that Christianity is not for them. It is true that how we conduct ourselves is a great responsibility. - bibleguy64

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