Work For The Night Is Coming

Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.
Matthew 24:44

As a Pentecostal girl growing up in the 1960's and 70's, the topic of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ would come up quite a bit. I remember singing songs such as "You've Been Left Behind" and watching movies such as "A Thief In the Night". Though the teenage girl who sung and watched those things has become a middle-aged woman, she still firmly believes in Matthew 24:44. We need to be ready!

That brings me to the question however as to just what exactly does Jesus mean when He tells us to be ready? Many have interpreted this to mean we need to build "fortresses", stockpile food and supplies and become self-sufficient. While I am not going to suggest it is wrong to be prepared, I think we need to ask ourselves as to whether or not we are so focused on the return of Jesus Christ that we are neglecting sharing the Good News with our neighbor. Are we not reaching out to others because we are too busy fortifying ourselves against "The Day of The Lord"? That must never be!

Those here at CB who know my story, understand that I am probably looking at this from a different perspective than most people. It is no secret here that I went to sleep one night and ended up in ICU. Many prayers went up here on my behalf and people who had "talked" to me only a short time before were stunned. It was completely unexpected by even myself... for there were no warning signs whatsoever.

My world changed in an instant and spun beyond my control. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I couldn't even pray! I was completely dependent upon God. In some ways, I am fortunate in that after dealing with cancer and brain "junk", I fully understand just how fragile life in this world is and know that every moment we live is a gift from God.

While Jesus does tell us to be ready, he never did tell us to build fortresses or stockpile goods. He does, however, command us to go! As we "work for the night is coming", are we going to rely on ourselves to provide for our needs... or are we going to trust God to care for us?


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Kathleen Williams @khw4christ ·

We must be ready at all times. Some people will stockpile food and other things but those things will not save you, only the lord will save us. Jesus said to take no thought for what we will eat or wear meaning we should trust in Him for everything always. It is a daily thing to be prepared because we really don't know what might be around the corner. We did not know that our son would be in a terrible accident and have brain surgery but we were prepared to trust God in that and he is well and normal even though the dr's said he wouldn't be. With God those impossible situations will be taken care of. Blessings!

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