Would You Follow Him If...

As they were walking along the road, a man said to him,
"I will follow you wherever you go."
Luke 9:57 (NIV)

Remember that day when you fell on your face before Jesus Christ? Remember what it felt like when you saw yourself through God's eyes? When you realized that your attempts to cover yourself with your own righteousness was in vain? Your righteousness was nothing but filthy rags!

Remember the joy which flowed through your heart, joy which you could not contain, when you realized that you were forgiven? That was more than 40 years ago and I was but a child but... I remember. Oh how I remember that precious day when God declared that I was His :princess:!

On that day, you wanted nothing more than to follow Jesus. Wherever He leads, you would follow... or would you?

If He leads you down a path of ridicule, will you follow? What if He leads you down a path of persecution, will you still follow Him? How about sorrow and suffering or even loneliness? Would you follow Him down that road? What if He leads you down a path of physical afflictions such as physical disability, chronic pain, terminal illness or even death? Would you clasp Him tightly by the hand and say "I will still follow you, no matter what!"?

What if you pray for your spouse to not leave... and they leave anyway. What if you pray for your child, your spouse, your parent, your sibling or your best friend to be healed and they die anyway. Would you still follow Jesus even though your heart was breaking?

What if you lose your job, your savings, your home or even your family. Would you still say, "I will follow you."?

There was a man named Job who loved God. He proved it. He did not prove it by how he behaved when he was the richest man around with a fine family, envied by all. He proved it when he was stripped of everything; wealth, social position, his children, his friends and even his health. Would we do the same?


K :princess:

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Kathleen Williams @khw4christ ·

I have already been through a lot of the things that you mentioned and I am still following Him and I always will... .. good message!


Great message. You certainly brought out some very good points. Remember, Jesus talked about four different types of people who would receive the gospel. First, the ones who received it on stony ground. Second, the ones who received it in shallow ground. Third, the ones who received it in thorny ground. Fourth, the ones who received it in the good ground.

Only 1 out 4 stay true.

Cathryn Lankert @walkingforgod ·

That was an amzing message! It's a topic that can be very thought provocing. I know that no matter what, I will be able to follow him because he has already put me through some of the things that you mentioned. I think this is one of the main things that makes a someone who is trying to spread the word and love of God successful. If you aren't willing to follow God no matter what life throws at you, why should anyone you talk to about following God if you won't do it too. We need to lead by example in order to introduce others to God in such a way that they will form a lasting bond with Him. God Bless!

Kimberly Warren @kclc7 ·

Amen Sister K! That is what it is about! That commitment...that victory! Thank you for this post!! Very very good!

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