Would You Recognize Me?

I wonder...

What if you met me somewhere else on the internet? Would you recognize me? Would I "look" the same and "sound" the same as I do on CB or would I appear to be an entirely different person? I wonder...

What if you walked into my home? Would there be evidence that Christians lived there or would there be absolutely no sign of Christ being a resident there let alone being a welcome guest? I wonder...

What if you came to my place of employment, went out with me when I met with friends or just hung out with me? Would you still recognize me or would you think I was someone else? I wonder...

It is easy, oh so easy, to look like a Christian, act like a Christian and sound like a Christian when we are with other Christians. Are we living the same way when there are no other Christians around or when we are with other Christians who look different as well.

Christianity is not a mask, it is not a costume which we can put on or take off depending upon the situation we are in. It must be who we are... whether someone is watching or not! You see, we are always being watched. God cannot be fooled. If we think we have fooled Him, we are only fooling ourselves.

I suspect all of us, including myself, have times when we have brought shame to the name of Christ. However, is that an excuse to do so? No, it is not. Instead we must recognize that God expects us live and act like a child of God regardless of where we are or what we are doing. God wants us to be real.

May we always reflect Christ in whatever we say or do... wherever we are.


K :princess:

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Billy Beard @billyb ·

Your comment struck a nerve. I am a member of a few other christian sites. I added 'tennessee' to what my name is here. So, most would recognize that we are the same. I withdrew from a site, because of personal attacks regarding doctrines, and teachings of scripture. One brought in a literal comment on what Jesus said about cutting off a hand, foot, or removing an eye. I don't know of a single church or group that practices such a thing, literally. It was obviously a spiritual warning about offending others, and a literal hell, yet, that poster used the verses to mock and scoff, and make an attack on the thread I started about 'repentance and obedience'.

My carnal nature wanted to re-register under another name, and show the person just how much they really knew, but, I did not. I work with the public everyday, and go into peoples homes a lot to work on their equipment, so I see some of what you speak of here. One can get a little glimpse of people when they view the places they spend a lot of time. At one of the promise-keepers conferences a speaker remarked that the "real" person we are will be reflected in who we are when no one is there. In a place far from home, a hotel room, etc, who and what we do in such times reflect a lot about our character and integrity. I think there is a lot of truth in what he said.

Not realizing, that we are "never alone", reveals more than anything. God knows the real me, more so than I do. Anyhow, I agree with magjack, great post. God Bless, billy


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