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This morning after reading a blog written by Paul Hoffmaster (@paulushoffmaster) entitled Remembering The Plenteous, I thought about the times that I pull out the box of pictures in my mind that is labeled, "Me and God". You know, that is my favorite box of pictures. How I love to get it out and spend time going through it, not only recalling the moments of the past but anticipating the future. One never knows what might happen when you are walking with God.

One of the unexpected blessings of being a member of CB for nine years is that I have a written accurate description of so many of those "pictures" as they took place. My blogs help me not only recall the memories but also the lessons that God has taught me over the years. They are my markers, my stones of remembrance that I can look at and remember what God has not only taught me but what He has done.

We need to remember and we need to pass them on.


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Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

"We need to remember and we need to pass them on."

*And that's exactly what you've done, K; I cannot tell you how much reading your blogs about how God has helped you through everything has meant to me since I've been here.

It has truly been one of the greatest blessings about CB!

God bless you!

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

One of those "should have done" things. What a great idea.

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