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My pastor preached a very short sermon today. He said one single word and that word was "GO!"

Often we seem to make one of two mistakes. We either focus solely on the spiritual and ignore the physical needs of others or we focus only on the physical needs and neglect the spiritual. What did Jesus do? He did both and that means we must do the same if we are going to truly be a follower of Jesus Christ... a Christian.

I can almost here someone saying that we are not saved by our works. That is true. We aren't however, if one truly has committed their life to Christ, if one truly is a Christian, then that means they desire to pattern their life after Christ. This means we must serve as He served... with our whole hearts.

This is a rather tall order and often even if our heart is in the right place, we can easily feel overwhelmed. That's because we think we must do something that gets the attention of the media. We don't. In fact, it is better if we don't.

Today, we received cards which had a simple message printed on them.


It wasn't some colorful brochure about our church. In fact, on the backside the url of our church website is printed but there is no address and no phone number. You see, this isn't about getting someone to church at the moment though they can certainly check it out online if they wish to do so later.

This is about letting people in an often lonely world that someone cares about them.

We got another bigger card with suggestions about how we can "Go" into our world. Some of these are pertinent to things within my local church but I'd like to share a few of these suggestions for I think they are very good.

*Pray for schools in your community

  • Do yard work for a neighbor or friend

  • Serve at a local homeless shelter

  • Donate to a charity

  • Leave a generous tip of 25% or more for your server

  • Offer to do house cleaning for a family friend or neighbor

  • Help someone carry their groceries

  • Offer to buy someone's groceries

  • Go on a prayer walk

  • Be there for a friend who is going through a tough time

  • Smile at random people you pass throughout the day

  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood

  • Donate clothing and/or other items to a thrift store

  • Give up that great parking space to someone else

  • Do something nice for a stranger

  • Pay for someone's order at the drive-thru or pay for the meal of a stranger (I had that happen to me before and I was blessed)

  • Send goodies and thank you cards to your local fire and police stations

The list goes on and on. You get the idea. The point is, "going" and "witnessing" is more than just preaching a sermon to someone or quoting some scriptures. It is doing what Jesus did. Yes, He taught but He did more than that. He loved and He demonstrated that love in part by simply "doing life" with people. He showed them God's Word in action and we must learn to do the same.


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

as i read your blog, i do things i dont want to bring attention to myself. your blog reminded me of a former member who encouraged me by not drawing attention to my pastor, church just God and being friendly and asking people do they want prayer for something specific. That works alot better than overwhelming them rattling off scriptures like a machine gattling gun and a fundraiser and membership drive(sorry Iwatch too much "pbs lol) be blessed(ps my baking i do it free of charge and give cakes away)

Billy Beard @billyb ·

No 'pity-party' I would use would ever hold up when I stand before Jesus Christ, and give account. I will have no excuse before Him. He came, and endured much, much, more than I will. Our salvation is only through, and in Him. He said some words, though, that convicts us all to action, 'if' we truly love Him. 'Take up the cross', and 'Follow Me'. If we love Him, we will. Our heart will be where our treasure is. And of course, there is that word, 'Go', too. Thanks for the blog, and the reminder. It is tough. But we will never sacrifice to the extent that our Lord Jesus Christ did. God grant us strength and mercy, You are the source, Lord. Amen.

God Bless.

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