You Know That Flaw You Have?

Today the second graders at my school had a special guest. Her nickname is Go-Go and she is a yellow lab. She is also a "bomb dog" with a K-9 unit. Go-Go did not start out life as a bomb dog. She was supposed to be a seeing eye dog. Her mother was a seeing eye dog, she was born at a facility which trains seeing eye dogs. Everyone expected Go-Go to be a seeing eye dog. It was her destiny, you might say.

Go-Go started down her career path. Everyone was confident that she would be successful, just like her mother. However, it wasn't long before her puppy trainer discovered a problem. A problem which threatened to destroy her career! What was her problem, defect or whatever? Go-Go had to smell everything. This was a disaster! A seeing eye dog could not behave like this. They tried to break her of doing this but she still persisted in smelling everything.

Now, many people would have thought that was it for Go-Go. She had this terrible "flaw" therefore, she was useless. It is a good thing her puppy trainer didn't think like that. Instead of focusing on what was wrong with Go-Go, she focused on what was right. Was this really a flaw or was it... a talent?

She thought about it for a bit and then got an idea. Go-Go would make a terrible seeing eye dog but what about a doggy career which required the use of her nose such as becoming a K-9 for a police department. Go-Go was sent to Washington D.C. to be trained as a bomb dog and the dog who failed as a seeing eye dog passed bomb dog training with flying colors. She has been a bomb dog for the past eight years and often travels around the country as well.

As I thought about Go-Go's story, I could not help but think about some of my flaws. Were they all really flaws or were they misguided talents which when properly used could help to build up the Kingdom of God?

So the next time you're trying to squash down one of your "flaws", hold it up to God. Ask God if this flaw can be re-directed into a talent which will bring glory to God. You never know what might happen when we take all of our flaws as well as our talents and give them up to God.


K :princess:

Tonya Corey @godwarrior ·

God said come as you are and he will clean you whilte as snow. We don't have to be perfect we just got to do our best to please him and he will do the rest amen
god bless;)

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

What a great story about turning lemons into lemonade. So many times we think we have life figured out and suddenly we can't do what we thought our life was to be. Instead of fretting and slumping into depression, we must learn to look for God's alternative, for He surely has one. God will never leave us to flounder through this life with no purpose or direction. Somewhere is His good and perfect will for our lives, even if it takes us years to find it.
Great story with great ramifications. I sure wish they would have brought dogs to school back when I was in 2nd grade, I might have really learned something.

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

K:princess: this is such a great blog. I can think of many people who have had seeming "flaws," which ended up being greatly used of God, sometimes despite of but often because of these flaws. Bethy encouraged me once in this aspect when I was telling her about my difficulties with my son... How loud, stubborn, etc he is. She told me that the future is going to need a firm, strong, outspoken man of God.

On a more personal note, I struggle against so many things against myself. Yes, I recognize that some of these are actual real flaws that I have to hand over to God. But, this blog reminds me that there are some of these things that are not a flaw at all, but a tool that can be used. Thank you for that.