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It made no sense. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I am no military strategist but I am pretty certain that marching around a city and then going home again only to return the next day and do it again is not the normal procedure for destroying the walls of a city and conquering your enemy. Yet this is exactly what God commanded the Israelites to do for six days around the City of Jericho.

I cannot help but wonder if I would have eagerly done God's bidding, waiting in anticipation for the moment the promised victory would come or would I have been mumbling about how stupid I thought this was or grousing about when were we ever going to fight?
I like to hope that I would be doing the latter but in all honesty... I couldn't tell you.

"The Plan" did not make any sense. The Israelites had come to defeat the enemy, not march in a parade and yet that is exactly what they seemed to be doing. I'm certain that after they got over their initial fear, their enemy thought they were crazy.

Then came the seventh day. This day was different. They got to do the same old same old an additional six times. In other words they did even more than what they'd already been doing before. Only this time... something happened. The wall fell and they conquered their enemy.

If you read the account in the sixth chapter of Joshua, you will discover that the Israelites did not pull down the wall, God did. The only thing they did was listen, obey and wait for God to do what He had said He would do.

Maybe it is that simple. Maybe instead of attempting to make things happen, we need to stop, listen, obey and trust. Then we will see what God will do.


K :princess:


I loved this blog, I have always loved this account but had never put myself in the picture like you did. I now find my self marching with God's army and trying to keep my eyes streight ahead. I see myself glancing back to see if anyone else is as tired of this as I am. You account makes it very real and human. I'm sure Joshua would have been glad that you and I were not there!
Thanks for a bit of fun,

Lum Patterson @lummichaelpatterson ·

[q]Maybe it is that simple. Maybe instead of attempting to make things happen, we need to stop, listen, obey and trust. Then we will see what God will do.[/q] I believe without a doubt it is that simple. Putting aside ourselves long enough to listen, obey, and trust is the hard part. That's why we need to do our part, as members of the body of Christ, to encourage and support each other. Great blog K, thank you.
Your brother in Christ,


A few months ago the LORD placed it upon my heart for us (my prayer partners and myself) to do just this around our church. So one night instead of praying like we had in the past, each of us took up our banner and walked around our church 6 times, then on the 7th we shouted words of praise and victory. I could not help but think about the Israelites, here we were 3 woman walking silently with banners held high around the church which by the way is smack dab inside town. I am sure just like the Israelites many looked at us thinking what in the world are they doing?? Some walkers actually did stop and gawk at us, I just kept my eyes fixed in front of me praying as the LORD led me. The song Joshua fought the battle at Jericho kept singing in my head. Since the day that we did this seemingly silly thing amazing things have been happening in our church, lives have been saved, hearts turned, and I know the Lord is just getting started. There was an invisable wall that had been built up around our church and on that day we did as the LORD had told us, we walked.

Thank you for this blog, just the memory of that night brings a smile to my face

God Bless,


Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

I love to mumble about authority - moreso during my working days in public education. Now politics provides most of my mumbling opportunities. Good blog on trust and obedience to God. - bibleguy

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