You Want Me To Go Where?

Over the past five years, I have become increasingly concerned that people are too quick to assume that if a Christian is facing troubles, particularly if they seem to be enduring problems for awhile, it is because they have done something wrong. I've seen a lot of people who get condemned by others or even themselves when what they really need is love and encouragement. They need to understand that one way or another God has not forsaken them and He is allowing them to travel this road for a reason. Sometimes it is due to actions on our own part and we need to learn from them. Other times, there is a lesson which we can only learn by going through the experience. There is also something else which we rarely think about. Sometimes the experience brings us up alongside someone who is going through that same experience who needs to know Christ or needs encouragement. They are more likely to listen to someone who has been/is where they are at the moment.

When I was going through cancer treatment, I would try to remember that I was meeting people I would not otherwise be meeting and that I had the opportunity to help and encourage other fellow survivors. I have heard that some Christians who have suffered imprisonment have said that if those in prison are going to hear the Gospel, then Christians must go into the prisons. In some countries they can go in and do prison ministry of course but this is simply not true in many places. I wonder how many people there are who came to know Christ because of a fellow prisoner who was a Christian?

Are we willing to go wherever God leads us, even if it means to endure personal hardship or suffering?


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