Your Prison Or Prayer Closet?

Today as I was reading a new series by Alison Stewart (@Kiwibird) called I Refuse To Fear, I read her blog entitled Dear Jesus, It Is With A Grateful Heart.... It was her second blog that she had published here at CB and it was posted on August 1, 2008. Though we really had not met yet, I remember her news about her brain tumor really struck a chord with me. You see, I was in the middle of cancer treatment at the time and had two and a half weeks of radiation left to go.

As I re-read her blog today, these words stood out:

I know no despair in my circumstances but am reminded of the question you directed at me several years ago - "Are your circumstances your prison or your prayer closet?"

Over the past four years, I have watched my "sister-friend" and "twin" do just that. She constantly reminds me that "God is" regardless of our circumstances.

God has faithfully been with my friend over the years but she does bear scars of her illness as do I. As I battled for my life over more than two years ago when I had my own brain "issues", she steadfastly maintained that "God is" ... no matter what!

Faith isn't about having enough to believe that you will get the job, get the fortune or even get healed. It is simply about believing that God is... no matter what!

When it becomes apparent that God is going to allow us to endure a situation for a season or perhaps even for the rest of our natural life, we are faced with a choice. Is it going to become our prison or our prayer closet? The choice is up to you.


K :princess:

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Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I think, my friend, that you and I could have a whole conversation about the scars we have collected over the years! LOL! As I read your blog I was reminded of the one on the back of my head. I can feel it, but I can't see it unless I use two mirrors.

Two things occur to me.

The first is that a scar can be a reminder of the protection and love of my heavenly Father. I remember the experience with thanksgiving to God. I have been able to have time with my family that I was close to missing. I was at the graduation of my youngest daughter and I have been given the opportunity to sow into the lives of two grandchildren who arrived after the surgery.

The second is more of a question. Why on earth do I want to revisit the site of the surgery when I have been healed?? Every now and then my hand almost involuntarily reaches up to feel the scar or, occasionally, I get a hand mirror so I can see the scar line reflected in the larger bathroom mirror. Sometimes it is difficult to let go and get on with life. We want to take our injuries, our scars, with us instead of letting go.

Thank you for the reminder K:princess: GOD IS!