You're More Than Enough!

When I contemplate the love, mercy and grace of God, I am completely blown away! Loving me though I was unlovable, having mercy upon me when I did not deserve it and extending grace toward me by giving me what I did not deserve, redemption, I have to tell you, God has given me more than enough!

To do this for one person would be amazing in itself but when you consider that while we (meaning all of us) were yet sinners, Christ died for us, it becomes unbelievably amazing! I do not believe we can even begin to comprehend how amazing this is. If God were to never do another things for us, redemption alone would be more than enough but He does more than that. Oh, He does so much more than that! He is not content to simply rescue us... He wants to be in relationship with us. That's right... the Lord God Almighty, Creator and Lord of All, the One Who Is Above All Others, The Everlasting God wants to be in relationship with... us and that my friends... is more than enough!


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