Learning to Fly Like an Eagle

When I think of eagles - I think of protection and strength. They dominate their space. The first eagle I saw in the wild is marked in my memory- I was floating down a river white water rafting with my brothers. Last Friday, as I sat at a local Lake in Missouri, I think I saw another eagle - actually, several. I doubted myself until I did a quick web search and it seems that Eagles are making a comeback and two were sited at the lake I was at just 3 weeks ago. When he flew over - my thoughts were in this order: "That looks like an Eagle...that can't be an Eagle...I live in Missouri...Maybe a hawk on steroids...Can't be an Eagle...It had a white head...Bet the Hawk on steroids theory is better..wouldn't it be cool if it WAS an eagle..nobody will believe you...it has to be a really large Hawk...maybe" I watched as he flew to my right and I saw several very large birds soaring. It was breath taking. Isaiah 40 ran through my mind and as I sat on the grass - all by myself - just tending to my introverted side. It was a very windy day - and the wind brought smells to me that were heavenly. There was the smell of water mixed with the blooming lilacs. I looked over the water and saw other birds flying there - smaller birds - frantically beating their wings to make forward progress. The Holy Spirit said..."That is you". I looked back up to the Eagles and observed them - they never flapped their wings. They used their heads and body weight - they used their wisdom of the sky - their knowledge of the winds - to propel themselves forward. They glided against the wind. The Holy Spirit said..."That is how I want you to be." If I am going to glide against the winds of this world - it will be through knowledge of Him and the guidance of the Holy Spirit residing in me. I struggle with constantly crossing the line where I begin believing "I" can fix something (anything). I flap my wings - put my head down and dig in - analyze - worry. I try to fix the problem - running after answers - struggling against the wind. Instead, I need to lift my problems in prayer - remembering to go vertical - and wait upon the Lord. This is a lesson I seem to have to learn over and over. I am so glad He is being patient. The Lord renewed my strength in those moments. Just as scripture promised.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Nice One ! We don't have Eagles in New Zealand any more but given that they had a 6ft wingspan:eek: I am happy to learn from the Hawks. I love the scripture you used..a definite favourite.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

We have eagles in Minnesota. In fact the National Eagle Center is at Wabasha, MN on the Mississippi River. While you often associate eagles with mountains, Minnesota has one of the highest eagle populations in the continental U.S. We do not have mountains in Minnesota.

I checked the National Eagle Center website and yes, there are bald eagles in Missouri. I see them where I live occasionally. I just saw a bald eagle on my way to work recently. Yes, they are magnificent! Riding on the "wind" of the Holy Spirit...what a beautiful picture!

K :princess:

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

I love this blog!

Some other interesting facts about eagles that I learned from a novel I read:
Eagles are among the only birds that, if they ingest a poison, will go onto the highest mountain it can find and lay there wings spread until the sun bakes the poison out of them and heals them.
Also, part of an eagles mating ritual in which they select a mate for life, is free-falling to the earth trusting that the mate will save them.

Now, how do these things apply to us?
Very cool.

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

There are many writings about soaring with the eagles. Yours is as meaningful as they get. Thank you!


Alive in the Word

Kim Gregg @ladywithaview ·

All - thank you for the comments...I love blog comments...

Kiwibird...I was thinking that all large birds probably fly/soar this way. New Zealand?? Way cool...

Alight...Tennessee is one of my hubby's favorite states. He says it's beautiful there, but I've never been. It's on his short list of places he would like to retire. I'm not a funny blogger..I've tried on that hat..but it just doesn't fit. I've checked out some of your and Bethy's blogs...funny stuff there..(aren't you the one that wrote about goose poop?)!

K - first, I like your avi. Second - I looked on the Missouri Autobon society web page and the bald eagle has been spotted several times at this lake. There was an article about how it is making a come back - evidently there are year round nesters now. Our winters have been much milder here for the last decade or so with only brief periods of the nasty winter below zero wind chills...that probably has something to do with it...except...isn't Minnesota always cold?

whobelieve - I did a keyword search for eagle in the bible and was amazed at how frequently it was used in the old testament - and the spiritual parrallels drawn - but it's not included much in the new testament (makes one go hmmm....). Cool facts..especially like the one about baking out the poison. I need to spend some time on the highest mountain.

Art...thank you...after reading your blogs, I take that as a big compliment.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Ironically, the bald eagles actually winter in Minnesota. Many others stay here year around. So much for the cold bothering them. We dipped down close to -30 a few times this past winter and that's not that unusual. Eagles are making a comeback population-wise which is probably why they're being seen in a lot more places once again.

No, Minnesota is not always cold...we get into the 90's sometimes ...once in a very great while we even hit 100...once in a very, very great while. Contrary to popular belief it is not always frozen here. We're the land of extremes; -20 with -40 degree windchills in January and 98 degrees in late July with awful humidity. We usually only have snow on the ground from mid to late November until March...or early April. I'd say that isn't that bad except I'm afraid someone here might post a few of my quotes from last winter. :eek:


K :princess:

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