Simplicity and Truth Win

I participate in another community - it's not Christian based - but there are Christian "groups" and there is a large portion of the community that believe in God. One of the things you can do is post questions. The users post their answers and then the community at large can "vote" for the best answer. The question I answered yesterday was What do you want to hear God say? Several ppl here have asked, Have you heard God, or Can I hear God. So if he was to speak to you what do you want to know? I was answer #13 I think...and after some thought I answered I Love You To hear those words - well - I just can't wait. There were other answers that were getting more votes - including: I don't exist, suckers! That no matter what you have done you are accepted as a father accepts his child when they do something wrong but I must acknowledge my wrong in order to be forgiven, just to hear welcome I would want God to say that he understands. Just a simple, meaningful "I understand." If God exists and he's going to bother talking to me, the first things out of his mouth better be "I'm sorry". The answers were so varied - and this is just a sample. Some were disheartening - some I found misguided - but what bothered me the most is that "I don't exist, suckers" had the most votes. I am happy to report that as of this morning, my simple answer usurped that comment for the #1 spot. Maybe there is hope yet. I know that God tells me he loves me in many ways - but I struggle with it. Sometimes it's clear - other times it's as murky as pond water. There is always this voice..."Are you sure? Look at your sin!" I don't confess this to many people in real life - because the response is, "How can you even question Gods love - he gave his son for you!". I know that's true. I know it is a lack of faith - a lack of trust in God's word. It's the shame of my sin that I just can't seem to release (and there are many sins for which I am deeply shamed). I am in prayer about it constantly. I can't even imagine how it is going to feel to be in his presence and hear those words and to feel the truth resonate. So - fellow Christian Bloggers...I turn the question to you....if you actually got to hear his voice.... What do you want to hear God say?

Lexy Boy @lexyb ·

Everything is going to fine, your future will be nothing like your past.

All your days will be happy ones, with people who love you and love one another.

I am coming back to earth soon to fix this broken earth.

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

[b]Welcome home, child[/b] But isn't that about the same as [b]I love you[/b]? Actually, I think the latter is better.

Thanks, lwv. Great blog.



Melisa Edmunds @melisa ·

Well done my good and faithful servant!!

A side note for lexy:
everything is going to be fine, God's got you and your little family. Just rest a while, :)


I am coming soon! (Plus I echo Mel's comment too! "Well done my good and faithful servant!")

Diva :heart:


Oh Alight, what have you gotten yourself into? :doh:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

He has gotten himself into a whole load of trouble, thats what he has gotten himself into.

I am sorry my friend for the inability of alight to behave himself, but I too agree with Mel.. "well done good and faithful servant." Thats what I yearn, crave, need to hear.
My heart breaks for those who are flippant with the God of creation. It truly breaks my heart to see him mocked in such fashion.

But "I love you" yeah I like that as well, very much.

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Lady, I too struggle with the same sort of thing, and I'm in agreement... I know that Jesus died for me, and that is the ultimate expression of love... But sometimes, inside, I doubt. God help us both.

I can't say that there is any particular phrase I would love to hear. "I love you" would be wonderful. "I am here." There's another one.

Mostly I simply ache and yearn and beg to hear anything from him.

In a Bible study my ladies small group is doing, the question was asked, "If you were to ask God for a blessing, any blessing at all, and you knew you would receive it, what would you ask for?" The answers, like for the question you posted, were varied. One wanted to meet an angel. One desires most of all that her whole family would be living in unity with Christ. Another lady yearned for peace. As for me, the thing I have always always burned for is to hear God speaking to me, and I would love it all the more if it happened on a regular basis. I guess it's because for me, speaking, conversation, words is how a relationship is made and kept and where it flourishes. It is hard for me to really truly feel like I am in a relationship with a silent God.

God knows best. All praise to my Lord, my friend.

Great blog. :)

Kim Gregg @ladywithaview ·

Alight.....I'm so glad your sense of humor is up to par again!

Bethy said..

"My heart breaks for those who are flippant with the God of creation."

So does mine. It can be so discouraging!

Whobelieve said...

"It is hard for me to really truly feel like I am in a relationship with a silent God."

There are times - when I can "hear" the spirit of God within me, directing me. It's not a voice though - and it's left to my own interpretation and level of trust. However - when I look back across time and I can see God's hand in my life - I realize he is anything but silent. There were times when he was smacking me upside my head - yelling in my ear - I just didn't recognize it at the time. Silence takes many forms - and the times where God has been really, really silent in my life have been the times where I was knowingly being disobedient to his word. Even then - I'm not sure he was being sin just drowned out his "voice". I understand where you are coming from though - a real conversations - hearing the words - understanding the sincerity and context....that will be spectacular.

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