Hatred is the Most Dangerous Poison in the World - Hatred comes from the devil for he is a murderer and liar. - Published by Gary Boyd

Lessons from Eden # 2 Recognizing the Enemy published by
Most of the time I dont have any problem recognizing my enemies. But
Most of the time I don’t have any problem recognizing my enemies.
But other times I do
So I did some careful research and reflection on my enemies.
Here’s what I found out:

1. Deceitful (astute, beguiling, crafty, cunning, slick, sneaky, tricky)
2. Manipulating (con, scam, seduce, play me for a sucker)
3. Clever (shrewd, adept, adroit, brilliant, savvy, gifted, expert)
4. Hateful (bitter, despicable, detestable, foul, evil, vicious, harsh)
5. Intelligent (able, apt, imaginative, quick, perceptive, well-informed, reasonable)
6. Merciless (heartless, callus, cruel, inhumane, pitiless, unrelenting, unsympathetic)

1. To keep me at odds with God
2. To destroy me (today and forever).

If separation from God is Eden’s Lesson # 1 then the following question is why?
Why is because I have an enemy who has nothing but contempt for me while pretending to be my friend.
(Reference: Bible—John 10:10a).

I don’t like being lied to.
I don’t appreciate being fooled. And
I don’t feel good about being manipulated.
I cannot imagine that anyone would feel differently.
The sad truth is though we have an enemy who fuels
Our arrogance,
Our disrespect and promotes
Our demise.
This enemy maneuvers us into supposing we’re free and independent and our life is our own.
It's a lie! We’re being scammed.
If we were seriously paying attention we’d get it.
This Lesson from the Garden of Eden is real.
We’re being played for a sucker?
Our enemy does its best to keep us distracted and confused.
Our enemy doesn't want to be recognized.
Our enemy will never give us peace.

Isn't this truth?

Published: Nov 19 2012 01:11:46pm

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Barbra Lambert (@enje25)

We’re being played for a sucker?
Our enemy does its best to keep us distracted and confused.

You're so right! And the enemy uses these distractions and confusions To keep me -- (us) -- at odds with God. You have a way of condensing pertinent details of your writing(s) into a very substantive, concise format. Great blogging! Thank you.

Lee Escobedo (@leesniteradio)

It hurts when I remember the times I have been conned into doing the things I knew all along I should be resisting. I thank the Lord for not giving up on me.

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