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Have you ever thought much about what happened at the Red Sea when the Chil
Have you ever thought much about what happened at the Red Sea when the Children of Israel saw no way to escape? Somehow they knew that the Egyptians were coming after them and maybe it was because they had seen the dust way off in the distance. It was obvious that they were being led by God, but really they had no idea where they were going. They only knew that they were ‚‚¬‚Å being set free‚‚¬ and being taken to a land "‚‚¬‚Å flowing with milk and honey"‚‚¬, wherever that was.

I can imagine how Moses must have felt too. He didn't really know where he was going either, but he had been following orders, doing exactly what the Lord had told him to do. Now all of a sudden he finds that they are ‚‚¬‚Å trapped‚‚¬ between a large expanse of water and a ‚‚¬‚Å "hard place"‚‚¬. How could God have led him and all these people to such an impossible place? I can imagine how he must have prayed asking for directions. Oh how he must have prayed!

But one of the things we seldom talk about is what the cloud that was leading them did. The Bible tells us that God was in the cloud and that the cloud went behind the Israelites and became a fire barrier between the Egyptians and their escaping slaves. One of the things I don't understand totally is why God did not just destroy the Egyptians right then and there. I mean, He waits until His children are all across and then opens the way so that the Egyptians can begin to chase their slaves once again. Then He has Moses hold out his staff once again and water comes down and kills all of the Egyptians. But why kill them where He did rather than way back in the canyon?

A few suggestions have come to mind though. The remains of this crossing have been found and prove the truthfulness of the Bible's record. Evidently part of this reason was for our benefit. But evidently God also wanted His children on the other bank to see what He was going to do for them. And by doing things this way they would no longer fear being attacked by their former task masters.

Check out this video series:

Isn't it amazing how God works? Sometimes He actually leads us into a place where we can see that we are completely ‚‚¬‚Å trapped‚‚¬ and that without Him there is NO way out. Then He does the unexpected and there is no doubt as to Who did what.

What a wise, loving and kind God!

Lord, please help me to know that I can trust You even if things look totally impossible. Help me to be willing to do whatever you ask of me even when I cannot see the end from the beginning. I pray this in the name of my Savior, Jesus. Amen

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Published: May 15 2010 07:20:35pm

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Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)

Good and encouraging blog, Brother lineman. Can I know your name?

I have written one similiar blog on stepping out in faith and the Lord also used the Red Sea to explain to me. Read the blog which is featured now, called "Step out in faith and the path of God will open unto you." God want us to step out in faith and walk and the path of God will open unto us. Read this blog, a personal revelation to me, it encourages me tremendously.

Thanks for sharing again

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Dan Kelley (@lineman)

Thanks, Hwa, for the recommendation!

Certainly you may know my name. It's Dan, but our names are not all that important really, at least not right now. Someday God will be giving me a NEW name anyway, so what people call me now really doesn't matter much.

I went and read your blog and totally agree. I did notice though that when the Israelites were at the Red Sea Moses used his rod to part the sea and it opened for them as I understand it. It took a great deal of faith for Moses I am sure, but for the rest of the people I see it taking less faith. I believe that the way was open totally from one side to the other and they started out, but maybe I have missed something. (Please, if you know of something I'm not seeing share it with us here. Thanks.)

It was when they crossed the Jordan River 40 years later that they had to step out in faith and the river parted only after they took the first step. But in both cases it was very obvious what God wanted them to do.

It has been my belief for the last several years, because we KNOW that God hears our prayers, and we KNOW that He loves us and will do only what is good for us in the long run, that if we ask Him to open only one door and close all others He will do it. Then if we still have faith to believe that God has done exactly what we have asked we will also KNOW that the door that is open is exactly the door He wants us to go through. I have asked Him to do this several times and I'm amazed every time at how He answers in such a way that I am totally blessed!

There is only one draw back to doing this that I know of. When I ask that He close all other doors I sometimes get a "door" slammed in my face and I kind of get hurt feelings. So lately I have been asking that if He wants me to do a specific thing to send me an invitation of some sort and to keep all other invitations from coming my way. I guess really it's kind of the same thing, but this way what I am doing at the moment does not end quite so abruptly.

On the other hand, if you and I ask the Lord to lead us, then we should also know that what we are inclined to do at the moment, if it does not go against what the Bible teaches, should be exactly what He WANTS us to do, right? In other words, if we ask Him to lead us then we should trust that He is doing exactly that.

Thanks for your encouragement. (BTW, what does Hwa stand for, or is it actually your name?)


P.S. I have a couple of old blogs that talk more about this if you are interested:
Knowing God's Will Should be Easy
Finding the Right Direction in the Rat Race of Life

Ted Foy (@following)

Great message dan,:) Praise the Lord, I wish I could recommend it 100 times. Yes, God will lead, guide, protect and provide for us on our journey to know Him more and do His will. Thanks for sharing, Blessings, Ted

Dan Kelley (@lineman)

Thank you Ted!

God is AWESOME in how He leads, provides and protects, that's for sure!

And I love the journey of getting to know Him, but it sure takes a lot of "puzzle pieces" sometimes before one sees the bigger picture though, huh?

Blessings to you too,

Dan Kelley (@lineman)

I think I have found out why the Lord did not kill the Egyptians in the canyon, but waited to kill them in the Red Sea instead. Exodus 14:4 says, "But I will gain glory for myself through Pharaoh and all his army, and the Egyptians will know that I am the LORD." If the Lord had destroyed their army in the canyon those Egyptians still left in Egypt would have thought that it was an ambush by the Israelites that had destroyed them, but there is NO one who can make that claim if the whole army is wiped out right in the middle of the Red Sea. What a wise General we have!

Ted Foy (@following)

Yes dan, I agree with you on this. :) It is the same thing we find when Gideon (in Judges 6-8) is told by God to dwindle his army down to only 300 men, God states that it is so when they defeat theit enemy the glory of the victory will go to God.

Amen and Amen! Praise the Lord!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@bethy)

I have been watching these videos, and they are fascinating. But then Our God is fascinating isnt he.


Billy Beard (@billyb)

Dan this is extremely interesting. Thanks for sharing the videos. enjoyed. God Bless.

Ryan McGuire (@belgarion)

Honestly, if I think back to the story leading up to the Exodus, I have to see that in everything, God gave the Egyptians and the Pharoh a choice. Destruction could have been avoided if Ramses had let the Israelites go. He chose not to do so, and in choosing not to follow the directions he had been given by God, he chose the consequences. I think that this story clearly illustrates what can be gained, and what can be lost by following God's will or not. The Egyptians chose not to heed his warning, even when confronted with a pillar of flame. They pursued the Israelites despite repeated warnings. They chose their fate. The Israelites on the other hand, faithfully walked into the Red Sea. They saw the towering walls of water on either side and went anyway. They ma ave feared, but they put their lives and the lives of those they loved in God's loving hands. And they were rewarded. Pay heed to the voice of God. For he will never lead you astray.

Dan Kelley (@lineman)

Hi Ryan, thanks for your comment.

You wrote, "The Egyptians chose not to heed his warning, even when confronted with a pillar of flame. They pursued the Israelites despite repeated warnings. They chose their fate." Had not thought of that before, thanks. It is true, it's our choices that make the difference. We can choose to listen to God's voice and follow Him, or we can choose to listen to Him and ignore what He is saying. Either way we are the ones who reap the consequences.

to CB. I have been very blessed by what I have read and even by what I have written here, and I think you will be blessed too. Sometimes just having a place where you can say what's on your heart is a blessing in itself.

I appreciate your comment here and also what you wrote in your first blog. :)


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