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Justice We almost always think of Gods Justice as God giving us what
We almost always think of God's Justice as God giving us what we deserve, death. After all, we have learned that sin is the transgression of His law and we also know from the Bible that the wages of sin is death . Justice demands the sinner's death.

But what I had never thought about before this morning was how unjust it would have been if you and I had been born into sin without there being a way to escape death. I mean, how just would it be if God allowed you and I to be born only to be forced to die? We would have no choice in the matter, no hope of anything else. That would not be fair of God. In the beginning God gave us the freedom to choose, but after sin came into this world we would have had nothing to choose between. Sin brings death to whomever sins.

We know that our God is a Just God. He will always do the right thing and so in His justice He chose to give us options. As soon as Adam and Eve sinned Jesus came into the garden and the plan of salvation was announced to them. They were told that they still had a choice between eternal death and eternal life because of what Jesus would do for them.

Mercy has been defined as God not giving us what we deserve. God in His mercy has made a way for us to choose whether we will die or whether we will live. God wants us to live of course, but He will not force us. It's our choice, live or die.

The Way to live forever is Jesus. What He did for us on the Cross of Calvary was to die our death so that we will not be forced to die. Remember, justice demands the death of the sinner, but Jesus died for us so that we could live. His death allows God to pardon us, to give us His mercy.

Grace has been defined as God giving us what we DO NOT deserve. We now have the choice to live or to die. If we choose not to accept the gift of Jesus' death for us then we must die that death for ourselves. But on the other hand, if we choose to accept His death so that we don't have to die, if we accept the gift of life that Jesus offers us then we will NEVER die. We do not deserve to live, but real life can be ours because of what Jesus did.

You and I cannot imagine the kind of life He wants to give us either. We can read about it in the Bible. We can read what others think, but no matter how BIG we dream we will never come close to even thinking of how amazing this gift of eternal life will be. (If you'd like to try to dream really big, read what others have written about Heaven and then leave your own thoughts by clicking HERE.)

Are you willing to accept a never ending live full of wonderful and exciting things that are designed to make you happy? God wants to give it to you even though you don't deserve it, but it IS yours if you will accept Jesus.

Make your choice to live. Choose Jesus right now!

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Published: Jul 10 2010 05:13:51am

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