Rest or rise?

What an Almighty God, who gives so abundantly. I recall the words of a pastor who was a guest to our church, with a message for those who might not know the Lord. He held the bible up in the air and said that this was the purpose of the bible: To show us that we can't do all that it asks, and to try- is to miss the point of it, so just rest in God's grace. This troubled me as my wife and I had gone around about the purpose of Christianity. My mother-in-law was there and we had tried to urge better decisions around our daughter according to said-bible. I felt the air get knocked out of that appeal. To Christianity, I had been brought in, slowly but with strict understanding. If the bible said "red", I didn't think "really really dark pink". We hadn't thought that our church did either. But after the months of holding up God's words, and beckoning us to be more than pew-warmers, they had no apology for such a different tone of message. Now, more than ever, I look for those who see and hear more than "just live". My wife says that surely there must be more that God wants from me, if this feeling will not pass. But am I reading into it too much? Have I misunderstood? I have read much of the kjv, and it seems to be speaking to us... In the present day. I have read on the internet, lots, and there are sooo many messages out there. It's no wonder so many people are doing their own things. It can be overwhelming. It seems easier to just be good people and not upset anyone. Mind our own business. Better ourselves. Live together in peace. If it is all about our relationship with God, through His son Jesus Christ, selah. Forgive my questions, and my first blog which leans toward frustration. I truly look for guidance, not debate, and welcome all who may share. Pastors seem to say things, but when no one else 'hears' the words, I wonder if I fight inside myself, in vain. And where are they, who seek their sheep who stray? Surely I should not teach to those Christians who are still deeply in the world, lest I testify that we work our faith to be more holy, as God is Holy. (1 Peter 1:15) Rest or rise?

Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

Good stuff. I love to dialog with other people who don't have all the answers.
I'll look forward to reading more of your blogs. Shalom, Marjorie

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Luke, it is good to have a seeking heart.[img][/img] The Bible says for those who seeks will find. Surely as you seek the True God, would He not answer your heart's search and desire?

I found the best way to seek God is seek after His face.Seek Him for who He is and not for only His blessings. Spend time with Him, share you daily life with Him.[img][/img] He will lead us step by step, line by line, percept by percept. Do not run ahead of Him. He knows your hunger for Him. In His time, He will meet that desire.

Continue to seek Him. He can be found. It needs time but it will surely come. This is from someone who has found God through a long process. [img][/img]

Our God is great.[img][/img]

Thnaks for sharing your thoughts and heart's desire.

Blessings always

From [img][/img] Hwa [img][/img] Silverpen

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