A walk in the Woods

Some years back, when I was living in central New Jersey, I joined a group that ministered to homeless people who slept in the woods behind one of the many local bars. The director was a short woman who was always nicely dressed. She looked like she could have been the manager of any nice, conventional buisness. But her buisness was taking food, friendship, and the gospel to the men, women, and sometimes kids that lived out in the woods. The "woods guys" were not always easy to find. They had to hide from the cops, and also from teens, who liked to harrass them. But Madelyn, the director, knew the places to look. Walking through the woods with the ministry team, the first few times I went out, was a strange experience. The birds would sing. The breezes blow. It seemed like a bunch of friends, just out for a stroll together. Then we would come across the homeless people. All the regulars knew Madelyn well, and trusted her. She would pray over the food, and we'd pass it out. We'd talk with the folks there. Try and get the addicts to go into rehab, or 12 step programs. Invite them to the chapel service we ran. We'd hug them, and pray for them. And sometimes they'd respond. Some of them found the Lord, and escaped the lonely, hard life in the woods. They were all thankful for the food. But that wasn't what brought them around. What they really came for was the fellowship, the prayers... And the hugs. :heart: People see Yeshua/Jesus best when we show them his love. :heart:

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Good reminder that action speaks louder than words. The Bible also talks about faith without works is dead. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful encounter and experience that I would never have .:wink:

Blessings always:flower:

From Hwa Silverpen

James Bullock @christianhiker ·

If you reached only one, it would have been worth it. Having experience in ministry to the homeless/addicted myself, I can appreciate where you have traveled.

Ted Foy @following ·

Amen and Amen..:clap:.Praise the Lord

Thanks for sharing this message of Faith and works going hand in hand and introducing the lost to the Jesus.:dance:


Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

Good morning, Ted, I appreciate your taking time to read and comment on my story!
Have a great day, shalom from Marjorie

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Great blog, and great message. Those who 'actually' help the outcast, so to speak, have great rewards coming, I believe. God Bless. What a way to show 'faith'!!

Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

Great rewards in the journey, too. I have seen several addicts, & also former felons reunited w/ their kids after coming to know Yeshua/Jesus. WOW! That's a good feeling.

Thanks for commenting, shalom from Marjorie


You spoke a beautiful truth when you said, "People see Yeshua/Jesus best when we show them his love." What a wonderful testimony. I enjoyed this story very much and admire those of you that are helping these people. -Kathryn

Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

Hi! Thank you for taking time to read my story. That was a very special time in my life. I saw wonderful things.

Kingsley Amoah @kingsleyamoah ·

That is very true. How can we say to someone "Jesus loves you" when we ourselves have shown no love?
The result you get is not the same as when you have first rendered tangible deeds of love.
Actions they say speak louder than words!
Surely, people see Jesus best when we show them his love.

Thanks for this inspiring piece!

Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

Thank you for commenting, and welcome! I hope you enjoy this site.
Shalom from Marjorie

Stephanie Johnschafer @sjschafer ·

Thank you for your service to others who don't always have what they need. In more ways than one.
I found that there is nothing as satisfying as giving people food when they are hungry.
You know, there is something funny about that as well. When people are really in need of food...and I and my two girls went through that when we were on our own and they were young teens, when people give you food, you have such a thankfullness in your heart that you are so receptive to the word of God.
I can remember during those times of lack, having a lingering feeling of disapproval for those organizations who were unfeeling and having a lasting fondness for those who reached out a helping hand.
I know that it is not logical, because each person is an individual, and it may have been a bad day for them, that person's attitude may have been completely against the ideals of that organization... however, those impressions will last with a person for 30 years.
Good or bad.
Thank you for showing Jesus/God's love to others.

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