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We move along through space and time, meeting people, watching events unfold. We join clubs, go away in the military, or to college. In our day and time, we seem to move an awful lot. For me, the hardest part of moving is being away from my family. The first time I was ever away from home was when I went to bootcamp. In general, it's not a good place to meet people, cause you just don't get any time to just sit and talk. But at bootcamp, we did have something called "Devine Hours"- Church! That's when I really came to see the beauty of God's Church. We boot's were all exhausted from a hard week of drills and classes. Sunday mornings were the only rest time we got, and it would have been so easy to sit around the squad bay and read or talk or write letters... But many of us chose to attend chapel. We needed it, in a way we'd never known when we were just tagging along after our parents. We craved the fellowship, the music, the Bible lessons. There were two services, one Protestant and one Catholic, and some of us went to both. It was just so good to be with believers. I'm not real good at meditating and hearing God. It's something I wish I were better at... One time that I did clearly hear His voice, was when He sent me on a pilgrimage. I felt drawn to visit all the churches in our area (20 of them). It took me a little over a year. It was a wonderful and exciting time for me. One church was a Spanish language church. I got an incredibly warm welcome. Those folks had a basket of rhythem instruments they past out at singing time. Some of the churches were Charismatic, some Evangelical, Catholic, Nondenominational... Some had gorgeous old buildings and some met in schools or shops. And they all were talking and sing about Yeshua/Jesus! (Just wish there'd been a Messianic congregation in the area.) It was wonderful. The Body of Christ is so beautiful, it about takes my breath away. Just yesterday I discovered this web site, and already people have taken time to make me feel welcome. You've got something good going on here: Church! No matter where my feet may roam, I find God's Church and my heart is home.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Hi and :welcome: to CB

I look foward to hearing more from you in the days ahead

William Stephens @eschator83 ·

I'm thankful I already met you in our great Creative Expressions group, but I have to throw in another welcome here, and say how glad I am you found us. This blog and the others I've read are great. Isn't it sad, and foolish, how many people do all their socializing at bars and at work, and then complain that they never meet anyone nice. But they avoid their neighbors and don't seem to think about church, or even volunteering.
When my wife and I first started dating, we decided to go to alternate churches (Catholic and Protestant) and then started to visit, like you, all the churches in the area. We too found it a wonderful experience and strongly recommend it. The important thing is we are all Christians, all trying to follow the Word of Jesus. So why not focus on the areas we agree on and get together in His Kingdom and improve the lives and environment and justice and jobs for all of us?
Sorry for the commercial, it just wanted to come out. And won't go away. Welcome, welcome, please keep writing.

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