Lost, Lonely, and Used Children

Boy, white male, 7, likes Legos and toy cars. Girl, African American, 12, likes swimming and movies. Have you ever looked at the web sites that feature children available for adoption? My lightly populated state of Maine has about 150 "waiting children." The more densely populated states have hundreds and hundreds of waiting children. What are they waiting for? Love. Stability. Safety. Family. Hope. Many of these kids have been neglected, abused, and abandoned by their birth families. Some bounce around the foster care system for years. One girl had ELEVEN foster homes between the ages of 5 and 10 years of age. That's about 2 moves every year! Some of the kids have been in care most of their lives. Teens, almost ready to "age out" of the system, 16, 17 years old, are still asking their workers- "Isn't there any family that wants me?" Yeah, they have Problems. They wet the bed, cut school, have panic attacks, steal, break stuff... But they really want to do better. They want someone to love them even when they're bad. What better place to experience love and forgiveness than in a Christian family? Adoption is the best gift a lost child can receive, but if a person can't adopt, perhaps they could foster. If they can't foster full time, maybe they could do respite care (occational weekends). All kids need someone who is really interested in the. Especially children without families. Maybe you could be the answer to a child's prayer. Somewhere, a child is waiting.

Melinda Colleton @melicolleton ·

Hi Marjorie. This was touching, thank you for bringing awareness to this ongoing problem, I'm a Foster Mom of 4years, my foster daughter just went back to her mom, who was addicted to heroin, but is winning the fight to stay clean, Thank God. God Bless You!!! Look forward to reading more of you :)

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