Thank God I'm not the Same

I am so grateful that Yeshua/Jesus not only saves us from our sins, he also continues to draw us away from sin and helps us be more like him. As he once said, the spirtit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I want to grow ever more like the Lord, but without his teaching and encouragement (and an occational swat on the behind) I'm very inclined to find a nice comfortable place and hunker down in it. Early in my marriage, my husband didn't often get liberty as much as I would have liked (he was in the Coast Guard). After working all week and taking care of the kids, I was pooped. Friday night I'd do something special for the children (game night, or host a sleep over for their friends). But Saturday night was MY night. I'd earned it, right? I'd been good all week, and I deserved a break, right? Saturday nights I'd send the kids to their rooms early. Then I'd make myself a large, wonderful snack, and plop down in front of the Idiot Box. Aaaaahhhhh! That was the life. No work, no worries. There were two sci-fi shows that ran back to back, and we owned a good-sized video collection (that also contained much sci-fi/fantasy stuff.) In high school, I had made a list of life goals; stuff like, adopt a child, get an advanced degree in psycholgy, learn sign language... Now, in my late 20s, I had an awesome new goal! Save up my money and buy a huge screen TV, and then buy all the episodes of my favorite shows! (Can you hear God chuckling yet?) Well, the Lord let me flounder around for a few years, then began calling a little louder (I'd become hard of listening...) I asked God to help me grow, and he did. He dropped me into the middle of a bunch of Christians who were recovering from addictions. What a real, vital faith they had! I learned so much from them: prayer, outreach, forgiveness and restoration. Wow. Where had I been? Wherever... don't wanna go back there. God has been so good to me. I still have a tendency to be lazy, gotta keep an eye on that, but I'm learning and growing, day by day. Praise the Lord.


There is nothing like finding your way back, having been lost; knowing but for Him we would still be trveling the road to nowhere instead of the one to purposeville. milt

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

I like this blog and can relate to it as being on the physically lazy side. I have found that the Lord does use even this tendency to work for the Kingdom. My mind is not lazy. Christianblog is a good place to excercise the mind through the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is awesome how the Lord works when you are willing to let Him lead you to where He has prepared for you to go! :wink:

Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

Thank you for taking the time to comment. There is so much good stuff on this sight I know it's hard to comment on all the pieces one reads. Salom, from Marjorie

Kage Espinosa @perennialtulip ·

pretty how we could be different (aside from our spiritual lives) yet still could so much relate. i am dealing with "idleness" recently because of the hot weather! whew but i know there's always a Christian way of handling things. and we have to fight the sloth!

Stephanie Johnschafer @sjschafer ·

My husband does prison ministry with a group that goes in and plays baseball with against the inmates. My husband goes along and plays guitar and talks to the guys in the crowd while the game is going on. The guys on the baseball team are mostly ex-addicts, or in some way, have recovered from some type of habitual sin. Anger...meth... even a man who was convicted of murder and came to the Lord, and is actually allowed to go back into the prison to minister even on Texas' death row.
Not many are allowed to do that.
Sometimes they find guys who sing gospel with such wonderful harmonies that they bring tears to your eyes.
At times, he will spend all his time talking to one man because he is so hungry for Christian fellowship.
The inmates usually take turns playing so that they all get to play. They enjoy the time so much, that they look forward to the next visit a year away. The guys take time to share the gospel with them, and their testimonies as well. There are inmates that these guys can witness to that my husband can not reach because he can never understand what they are going through in quite the same way. They are able to say," I made the same mistakes that you did, but I was forgiven...and my life has turned around. And you can, too! Come to Jesus."

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