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There are any number of categories I could have placed this blog. Military,
There are any number of categories I could have placed this blog. Military, Relationships, etc.

The night of February 19, 2007 at about 9:40pm there was a knock at our front door.

My 23yr old daughter's friend screamed up the stairs "There's two men at the front door with military uniforms on." My heart sank. My wife and I ran down the stairs to see two soldiers in dress uniform standing at the front door.


As the Army guys came in they did just like it happen on TV. "On behalf of the United States Army, we regret to inform you that your husband Sgt Buddy James Hughie has been killed in action." It was difficult to hear anything else they said. I was just numb with pain, both for my daughter but also for their three month old son, Cooper.

It's been just over two weeks now and I can still see and hear Alexis just sobbing NO NO NO I LOVED HIM SO MUCH, WHAT IS COOPER GOING TO DO HIS DADDY IS DEAD?.

Although we know that God is a Sovereign God and that He was not taken aback by this tragic event we still morn the loss of our Buddy.

Sgt Buddy James Hughie was in a convoy on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border in the mountains. They were ambushed by the Taliban (who had the high ground). Two Afghani Army Nationals were wounded. Buddy, being the Medic, rushed to the aid of his downed comrade and in the process was killed. A single rifle shot caught him just above his flack jacket. There is no one to help the medic. Buddy's best friend called Alexis that Wednesday morning at 2am our time. Through his tears he told Alexis that he had never seen so many grown men cry for so much for so long. And too, that the soldier that Buddy had rendered aid to had survived. Alexis said that she felt a bit better knowing that although Buddy had lost his life he at least was able to save another's...perhaps another little boys daddy.

For his selfless act Sgt Hughie received two bronze stars and the purple heart.

As I mentioned before, we know that God is Sovereign. We know that in Holy Scripture (Romans 8:28) He says that He can make a way where there seems to be no way. That it is easier for heaven and earth to fall from the sky than for one letter of His Word to return void. We still love our Lord and know that it was not He that arranged this tragic event but it was the destroyer of all things good.

I tried to post on the prayer request but have not met the minimum to qualify for prayer on this blog. If one of you who is qualified to ask for prayer on here would please ask for prayer for our entire family.

I suppose all things considered we are doing remarkably well. God's grace abounds. We also know that one day in the future we will be a happy... even flourishing family once again.

God bless us all


Published: Mar 10 2007 11:15:58am

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Michael Callegan (@michaelc)

There is one thing I neglected to mention in my earlier post. My other son-in-law said some profound that faitful Monday night. After learning of the news of the death of Buddy, Stephen says; "Here we have been sitting around waiting for Buddy to come home and now Buddy is sitting around waiting on us to get home." I am truly blessed with the family I have around me

Debi Gerbino (@dgerbino)

Michael, I am SO, SO very sorry for your loss. I will lift your family up in prayer and pray that His peace will surround you all. Peace, -Debi

Ron Simms (@ronau)

Hi Michael, We all at Christian Blog are so sorry for your loss, and support you and your family in prayer. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your request is going on the Prayer Blog now... Ronau

Sandy Brooks (@poodlelady)

My prayers are with you and your family -May God give you strength, peace and the ability to lean on him through this tragic time and the years to come.
Love in Christ

Shirley Hooper (@mumbly)

Dear Michael,

My heart goes out to you and your family. I know that the God of all comfort will be with you, and sustain you through this sad, sad time, as you grieve.

God bless you all, as I know from experience, that He will.

My prayers are with you.


Karen Hoagland (@philippiansfourseven)

Michael, Lifting up your entire family in prayer. For the sacrifice your family has made. For comfort and peace during the days, months and years ahead. Philippiansfourseven

Andrea Lynn (@allforhim)

Michael, My prayers are also with you and your family during this incredibly painful time. We are so grateful for the sacrifices your family has made for us and I just pray the God of comfort wrap His arms around all of you, particularily Alexis and little Cooper. I am so sorry. Andrea

Samantha Shemer (@youaregolden)

Michael, I will keep your family in my prayers!

Dion Alaimo (@mrsgamoosh)

May God ease your pain in time. We will keep you all in our prayers.

Riza D Peña (@ntheshadowofhiswings)

My heart grieved for the loss of one of your family members who is so dear to all of you. Truly, he's waiting all of his loved ones in the real home where we truly belong; our Father's home. My prayers and sympathy to your family. Love, Riza

Dee Gee (@iamdee)

There is no greater love than that of a man who lays down his life for his friends (paraphrase). Your daughter's husband is a hero and his death is not unnoticed by the Father. God will give you back one hundred fold for the brave and loving sacrifice of your loved one. I'm praying for you.

Rob Henson (@greybear)

As a married father of 5 children, I would express my sorrow for your loss and my heart felt thanks for the service of your dear one. As I hear of our service men and women falling in these times of war and of the remaining families' pain, I am constantly reminded of the deep cost of my freedom and those I love. Without those who are willing to serve, all would be lost. Thank you and may healing and grace be upon the heart of you and those who loved him. In Christ, GreyBear

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