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First a bit about myself so you get a picture of where I am coming from. Formerly a pastor. Pastored at churches of various denominations and non-denominations ranging in size from 35-3500 people. About 14 years ago I began doing small group church planting. I was once a skilled speaker they tell me. I wrote a lot of things as well. Yet the diciples were ordinary unschooled men. Paul threw his former learning away and purposely came without wise or pursuasive words so that peoples faith would not be in him but in God. And this reference was definitly pointed toward the Stoic type speakers and the like. But now we are taught how to speak and write as a Christian leaders and if you don't have this training or skill then you can not be a pastor at most churches. I had to leave it behind. I began to see how the people looked up to my skills. I began to see how they were entertained at church by the music and sermons. And think what you will but I have been down both roads. I have seen the results. I cant count how many conversations I have had with other pastors about "sunday christians" and why there are so many. Meanwhile we never even thought about how we bottle fed them every week! How they were taught by this to be passive and entertained. That we as "Pastors" are the pros and them the "lay people". Or how church is now about US as individuals and what kind of sermons and music we want to hear! These were hard pills to swallow from my position, so I know what some of you are thinking. Im not here to argue or debate anything. I care not for such things. But there is truth in what I say because I didn't make it up. We don't need more typical bible talk. We need the simplicity of the Gospel and a revolution of OUR church system. To get ourselves out of "church" and get ourselves to be the church. I probably won't be blogging anymore unless He directs me otherwise. I just pray that some will hear.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Tis a shame you wont blog any more for this gave me great food for thought.

Michael Cole @michaelcole ·

We shall see, I just want to be sure of what I should do. Even after all these years myself can still get in the way sometimes so I try to guard against that. I would prefer to be silent actually. Thats the type or personality I am. Thats why it was always weird to me that God would want me to talk!Haha


Well said Michael !

" . We don't need more typical bible talk. We need the simplicity of the Gospel and a revolution of OUR church system. To get ourselves out of "church" and get ourselves to be the church. "

You have made very clear and good point here and your last blog aswell , myself I could not fathom why you would not blog anymore and maybe you would consider giving it more time Here at CB, because you never know what shall come of your messages ,even giving testament to your journey of the Ministry can help others that are thinking about going into the Ministry .

I also was the silent type and was not the speaker type ,but when the Lord won me over and He became my idol I can't help be talk about Christ Jesus .

What I pray is that you have a change of heart !

Be blessed forever


Michael Cole @michaelcole ·

Thanks for that, I appreciate it.
Yeah many moons ago God said to me that He wantrd me to bring messages to people and I said, "nope I cant" Eventually I discovered I was actually righ!. I can't but He can!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I sense that you can become a valuable member here on CB. Stay awhile and rest here and add your comments to others as the Lord doiects and you will find the door opening for God to use you for you have a gift that needs to be used.


Hans Warnke @theregifter ·

Welcome friend, Listen hard, He might be directing you. If you decide, it won't be easy, but then to be worthy for the Lord, it is seldom easy. Liked the outline of were you stand.

Peace. The regifter

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