USA: Jesus' Hometown?

"In God We Trust" Churches on every corner. Over 50% of Americans say that God is very important in their lives. Over 40% claim to attend church every week. Christian movies are doing well in theaters. Christian music is in the mainstream now. All of this sounds great. But where is the love? Diviorce rates in churches are as high and in some cases higher. There are also continues to be so many broken families in our churches. If we let Jesus direct our lives wouldn't this be different? Wouldn't our local communities be different? Wouldn't everything be different even if only 25% let Jesus live through them? In the first century 120 followers of Jesus lived in such a way that the whole world felt it! Today as Christians in the western world we know the right things to say. We know the books and pastors and songs. But truth is in the results. 2 Timothy 3: says that people can be always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth. Do we see that in our midst? There was no town that knew more of Jesus than His home town. Yet it says that not many miracles were done there because of their lack of faith. Jesus also said that only in his own town and among his own relatives is a prophet without honor. Matt. 13: If we honestly search this out, does it apply to us here and now? The Enemy is no fool. He acts as an angel of light, as a wolf in sheeps clothing. Not as a scary looking wolf. He does his best work in the name of God. But who is aware and looking for these things? Who is questiining ALL as Thessalonians says? The tradition and status quo of the day were correct to the Pharisees. Time and tradition are very powerful. Is our tradition and status quo correct for us? Time to awaken.


Very thought provoking message !

A very good question ~ Is our tradition and status quo correct for us?

We have known the right thing to do but we are falling short of the mark because it is evident that as you said , where is the love ?

Hey you ever heard the song Where is the love by the black eyed peas ® ?,if not check it out on youtube ®, you might like it .

Be forever blessed


Michael Cole @michaelcole ·

Thank you for the comment and suggestion.

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