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This chorus has been on my mind this morning, and the Lord has spoken to my
This chorus has been on my mind this morning, and the Lord has spoken to my spirit and suggested that I should share it with you. I'm not sure really if it is a hymn or chorus, but I tend to think it is a chorus.

Keep me True.

Keep me true, Lord Jesus, keep me true.
Keep me true, Lord Jesus, keep me true.
There's a race that I must run,
There are victories to be won,
Ev'ry hour, ev'ry day,
Keep me true.

May it be so, as we endeavour to follow our Lord and Master, every day, for His Names sake .


The Christian walk, is not a bed of roses, and we stumble and fall, and get discouraged. However if we take the Saviour with us every day, where ever we go, He will enable us to get safely to the end of our jouney, but it is a day by day
hour by hour, closeness to Him, which will give us the strength and the courage needed for this at times , very difficult journey. He has said "Lo I am with you always", and the longer the journey, some times, we still stumble, but if we have learnt to trust Him and to stay close to Him, He delivers enough strength for today. Not for tomorrow or next week, just for today. So hang on tight, to His outstretched hand, and He WILL lead us through, till we reach Heaven, and see Him face to face.

Shirley Hooper is A sinner saved by grace as a child&God has been faithful all my life/80yrs! The love of my life, my husband called home
You can find out more about Shirley on her profile page.

Published: May 07 2007 05:47:24pm

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Grey Warner (@day2day)

So true! I'm a little late reading this one but glad I did!

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