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Hi, I thought some of you might be interested, in how a senior citizen like me, came to learn about Computers. I had a son, who worked in the computer industry (he was called Home to be with the Lord in 2003, aged 37.) Anyway, he talked me into getting one about 5 1/2yrs ago. I was quite nervous about it all, because I was a complete novice. Andrew (my son) helped me choose it etc. and he and his wife were very patient with me. I also went to SeniorNet, which is a well known group, thru out NZ. They teach seniors all about computer use, from the basics up. It is a marvellous group, and there are only about 5 to each class, and 1 or sometimes 2 Tutors. So I went to a few of their courses, and that was so good. Then when I had learnt a bit there, I decided that I needed time on my own, to explore and find out about things on my own, and just asked Andrew if I got stuck, which in the beginning was quite a lot!!! After my darling boy was called Home, to be with Christ, my Son-in-Law, and another good friend of ours, helped me out, more times than I can remember, and my clued up, (and much loved) daughters', helped me also, and they all continue to help me, at times. Subsequently, I've thanked God many times, for leading me into Computer Land. I just love it, and now regard it as one of my hobbies. I use IncrediMail, and hope some of you do too. That's a good plug for them, eh! I do Banking, shopping etc on line, and I cannot really begin to tell you all the things I can now do on my much loved computer!! and I still realise that I still have soooo much more to learn. In fact I have barely scratched the surface of this great piece of technology. I hope this story will encourage other older folk, to give the computer a go. I just know you will love it. You know what... all this reminds me, of God's Word, THE BIBLE. Maybe some can know all about computers, (not me!) but we can never ever, exhaust what there is to learn in that wonderful book, THE BIBLE. I, like you, probably will be reading it, and think, "I have never seen that before." I do hope you enjoy reading this. Much Christian love from Mumbly.

Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

Grandma, it seems to me like you're an expert already!

Grace and blessings,

Rob Henson @greybear ·

All right Mumbly!!!!!

Very nice job on the blog! :cool:
I think that class of yours has helped you along the path at a pretty good pace! :graduate:
I just want to say I am glad you are here at CB. You are a blessing! :-p
I pray that the Lord protect and keep you so that you can share the knowledge and wisdom of life that God has given to you.
Your generation has so much to share with mine! Many blessings sister in Christ!


Susan Neely @susaneneely ·

I'll look forward to talking with you, again. I am sorry to hear of your son's absence from your life on earth. I don't think it will be too long before we'll all be together with the Lord.


Well, Mumbly, here it is 6 years later and I have just now seen your blog; I assume that getting your signal out of NZ is by satellite, yes it is marvelous technology, hope you are still doing well.

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