On the cross.

I hope you enjoy this old hymn, which is a wonderful , worshipful expression of what the Lord went through for us at Calvary. Behold, behold the Lamb of God, On the cross, on the cross. For us He shed His precious blood, On the cross, on the cross. Oh, hear that sad, expiring cry, "Eli, lama sabachthani;" Draw near and see the Saviour die. On the cross, on the cross. See, see His arms extended wide, On the cross. Behold His bleeding hands and side, On the cross. The sun withholds its rays of light, The heavens are clothed in shades of night, While Jesus wins the glorious fight, On the cross. Behold the Saviour lifted up, On the cross. He drinks for us the bitter cup, On the cross. The rocks do rend, the mountains quake, While Jesus suffers for our sake, While He doth full atonement make. On the cross. And now the mighty deed is done, On the cross. The battle's fought, the victory's won, On the cross. To heaven He turns His wearied eyes, "'Tis finished!" now the Conqueror, cries, Then bows His sacred head, and dies. On the cross. We used to sing lots of hymns like this, in years gone by, at worship services. They are very moving, and truly we have so much to thank Him for, when we meet together to Worship. Thank you so much Lord, for all you endured, on our behalf. May we always see the need to return to the foot of the cross, and praise and worship, and adore you, our Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

Anna Jones @annajones ·

Mums, I just ran across this blog, its was a wonderful hymn, I love songs about the cross. I to love to sing about the cross, its where it all begin is at calvary,where his precious blood was shed for you & me, but oh Thank God he arose again to live with us again. So that one day me & you are going to meet together in heaven, Mums I love him so, and want to do his will. Thanks for being one of my best friends on here, and blessing me with your worship. Love you AJ

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

This hymn does indeed deserve to be on the homepage again. The beauty of these old hymns is that as we sing we are learning scriptural truths .
It tells a story ,, heck it tells THE story through the words... Beautiful hymn, Beautiful words, just beautiful all over.... amen and amen

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