Shelter - A testimony

Recently, in my prayer time with the Father, the Holy Spirit gave me one word of knowledge that unfolded into greater understanding and revelation.   The one word was “SHELTER”.  Immediately, I began to battle negative thinking in my mind. These thoughts were trying to establish wrong thinking by tempting me to believe that something negative was going to happen to me.  I resisted these thoughts with the truth that Jesus loves me and He wants to share something important with me (“…Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7).  You see, we are not to be ignorant of Satan’s tactics (2Cor. 2:11). He attempted to deceive me, and mentally torment me with fear.

As I meditated on the word, shelter, I decided to review its meaning.  In the Greek translation, a shelter is defined as a shelter (literally or figuratively); hope, (place of) refuge a. from rain or storm, from danger b. of falsehood.  I continued to inquire about the word “SHELTER” in my personal conversations with other believers and in prayer because I was eager to pursue what the Lord wanted to communicate to me.  Finally, without knowing what the Lord wanted to share, I rested and was satisfied that in due time He would enable me to fully understand the meaning of the word.

As days turned into weeks, the Christmas season was in full swing and I settled in for a cold weekend.  My husband planned to make homemade soup to endure the frigid, cold temperatures that were very unusual for our region.  Since he wanted to make a turkey soup (Thanksgiving leftovers), he began the process of creating the turkey stock (broth) from the turkey carcass.  This is a fairly long process because the stock is a liquid mixture of seasonings, herbs, vegetables and the turkey carcass that simmers on low heat and serves as the basis of his culinary masterpiece.

He started this process pretty late.  Around 8:30 p.m.

Afterwhile, I went to bed first, hubby came to bed later because he wanted to finish the turkey broth for the soup.

By 6 am the next morning, I went downstairs to begin my day.  I was surprised to see the pot on the stove with active flames underneath it.  Quickly, I removed the pot from the flames, looked inside, and gasped as I discovered there was an inch of liquid broth that remained inside of the pot.  At that point, I realized that the turkey broth had been left on the stove cooking overnight.

It doesn’t take a course in rocket science to figure out just how dangerous my situation was.  Many people have lost their lives and properties due to accidents of this nature. 

However, I DID NOT!

Like waves crashing into a tide, the revelation of my word, SHELTER exploded with an understanding of God’s character that He wanted to share with me.   The thing that I now understand about God is that He protects His beloved children.  Despite our best efforts to protect ourselves against hurt, harm or danger, God is able to supersede those efforts and surround His children with mercies, loving-kindnesses; beyond anything, we could ever ask or imagine them to be.

The Lord IS a refuge from danger for YOU and ME!


Blessings to all!