A Different Perspective - A Cancer Story

I went to visit a close friend for a few days who inspired me more than I ever could have imagined. She gave me a different perspective on life, an inspired perspective. In the midst of a stage 2 breast cancer fight, she picked me up at the airport with a beaming face. (I haven't seen her in a few years) During our three day visit we talked about all the things we've missed over the last few years. Jobs, babies, friends... .. The conversation went on and on as if a day had not passed since we'd seen one another.

We also talked about the "C" word. About chemo and upcoming treatment plans, about being sick and Gods plan. I learned what chemo port is and how the medicine is delivered to her body. How the days during chemo were hard, but she pushed through and rested when she needed to. Although she worked and slept and held on to relationships, she kept her battle quite secret to coworkers and even some friends. I am amazed by her strength, her determination, and her faith in God. Her faith is one that is amazing to witness, she is vocal that God has a plan and that cancer is part of that plan. That she's going to get through this and that Cancer just one of the puzzle pieces that God is using to create the beautiful picture of her life.(Her go to Bible Verse has been Romans 8:28)

I have always considered my faith and my relationship with God to be solid. That no matter what happens I know that there is a much bigger picture being painted by God. An array of puzzle pieces slowly being assembled during my time here on Earth, ultimately creating the picture of what God has determined my life shall be. But until we face a stage 2 battle like this, can we really be sure? Through chemo and surgery and radiation, would I still have faith like her? Or if it were my child would I still hold tight to the solid belief that God is in control?

A few years back my new husband and I were trying for months to get pregnant. When it finally happened, we couldn't wait to tell our parents, so we did, shortly after we knew. That night I began to miscarry. It was an emotional time, but I will never ever forget my mother in law saying "you can let this make you bitter or better, it is up to you". Although it hurt, that challenge in our marriage was one of the puzzle pieces that allowed us to develop the relationship we now have. It is honest, kind, emotional, what love and a marriage is supposed to be. Now we have a very active, beautiful, healthy 2-year-old daughter. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. And although plenty of tears were shed during that challenge, a strengthened relationship with both God and my husband shone through the devastation. Ultimately, the situation, by our choice, and our faith, made us better.

God is there, sometimes it's difficult to see him, or hear him, or feel him. I'm not sure of why things happen in life but I do know I have been blessed to witness people who havefaced these challenging situations with conviction, peoplewho have encounteredtrialsand fears with optimism, determination, and pure untarnished faith in our Great God!

Romans 8:28 New Living Translation (NLT)

28And we know that God causes everything to work togetherfor the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.


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