A Moms Prayer

A Mom's Prayer

"Direct your children unto the right path and when they are older they will not leave it" Proverbs 22:6

My son is 14. A wonderful young man (his 9 year-old sister may not agree) but he makes me proud. I'm not saying there are not times when he makes me want to scream, or shake my head, or SHAKE HIS HEAD. But I'm still proud of him. Im proud of the young man he's turning into.

Tonight we were talking at the kitchen table, I sing in a small bluegrass gospel band and he was talking about the music we sing and urging me (via YouTube) to learn some new gospel music. My kids have been raised listening to their mom sing "The Old Rugged Cross", "I Saw The Light", "It Is Well With my Soul", and so many other great gospel hymns. This is the music that has shaped me into the person I am today. As I sat there with my son listening to "10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman, I knew, and I prayed that my young man is on the right track. As a parent, we have so many worries, and I wonder if my parents had the same worries (I'm going to ask them when I see them this week). I worry about many trivial things, that they fit in, they have friends, they don't get picked on, that they remembered their lunch, and on and on and on. But more so, I worry that my kids will never have an open relationship with God. It took me so long to define my faith, to put all my trust in God, to fully accept him as my savior, I pray my children don't take nearly as long as I did. So when we have these moments, were HE'S TELLING ME the best praise and worships songs, I find it too good to be true! He's my oldest, he's the child who went through the worst when his dad and I divorced. He's the one who really understood what was going on. He's the one who is beginning to grasp the fact that he doesn't see his dad often and this makes me sad. It's a topic he choses not to talk about. But he does have a step-father who loves him more than he could ever imagine. A living example of how God intended men to care for and lead their families. Also, he has, by choice and by chance, (by the simple grace of God) been surrounded by many people who are showing him the way. There's the youth group leader who has him completely psyched about God. (Yippee) And theres the guitar teacher who inspires him with awesome faith based music and is not afraid to tell him about music that might not uphold the promise God has given to us. With all of this, I pray that some day he can grasp all gifts God has presented to him.

But in the meantime I pray he is learning who his savior is. I pray he is learning who he can fully trust and fully depend upon. I know he's stillyoung and there may be many, many rough roads ahead. I know that there are many learning mistakes in his future but I pray that he will find Jesus as his guide, as his source of reason. And I pray that his step-dad and I can guide him. That we can help him develop his relationship with the One who has all the answers, the One who can hold him when all goes wrong, the ultimate Guide through this crazy thing we call life.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

This blog moved me as I recall my times when I did not pray and care enough about my son.


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