Faith Over Fear

4 “say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution, he will come to save you.” Isaiah 35:4

I have been doing quite a bit of thinking lately about fear or in my case, lack of. About how powerful fear can be. How emotionally and physically taxing fear can be on both our mind and body. If you spend any time on social media sites such as Face Book, you are well aware of the fear the last presidential election stirred up in many people. I see many people who are emotionally overcome with fear of where the county is going and how our new president is going to impact our lives. Then I think, am I so naive that I have no fear of the future of this country? Should I be more up to date on media? Am I missing something really big???? (I rarely read the paper or watch the news) Is it naive to be so grounded in my faith that I know that God will take care of everything? I think many people in our world would say that yes, I am naïve and yes, I should become more involved in the politics of our great country. But really, do I want to? Do I need to?

The night of the election my husband and I settled in on the couch to watch the media coverage, after all, this was a huge election that was going to shape the future of our country. But watching the media coverage just reinforced the belief I had already established, it didn't really matter who won because in the end God would take care of things. Ultimately He is in control. And when it comes to media, who do we believe? Is the media coverage truly non-biased reporting? I guess it depends upon who you talk to... .. That night my husband and I crawled into bed the same time as usual, knowing that when we woke in the morning we would know the results. I have seen paralyzing fear surrounding this election. Fear of the end of the world. Fear that disturbs me deeply. So, ensued my thoughts on fear, especially this type of fear, fear of situations that we really do not a great deal of control over.

My first thought of this type of fear is “absurd” . Absurd that one would waste so much great talent, energy, and emotion on fear of the uncontrollable, but then came the realization that many people do not have the type of faith that allows them to “Give it to God” . As my thoughts spiraled about faith, I began to feel compassion for those who do not have faith to lean on. I know I should go to these people and share my faith and my story but I find myself leaning to a more silent, example lead type evangelism. I don't want to push people away. I feel uncomfortable when I push, so I just live, the best I can, showing an example of what faith can do. I am not secret about my faith, everyone who knows me or is friends with me on Face Book knows the relationship I have with God and I hope that shines through in the way I live my life. We go to church with a couple that recently lost their 17-year-old granddaughter in a car accident. These are the times when words are especially difficult for me, the best I can usually do is a long hug and a quiet “I'm so sorry” . When talking with them about the loss of their granddaughter, they testified that without their faith they don't think that could've made it through, that the prayers of everyone lifted them up when they just wanted to fall. Death is a hard topic, and I often wonder how people can deal with death if they do not have faith, faith that one day, we will all meet again. (Oh, what a great day that will be!!)

When you talk to people who do not believe, or you witness their beliefs (or should I say nonbelief) on social media, many times we (Christians) are called naive, simple, or maybe even ignorant and that is okay with me. You see, my faith allows me to live a life of joy and happiness, not hatred and fear. My faith allows me to believe that even through the hard times, those moments when we don't understand, we do appreciate and recognize that there is a much bigger plan. A plan we can never grasp. My faith allows me to live without fear of who our president is or when the world is going to end, because I know who holds my future, and it is not our president. When nonbelievers question the what if? I can say that I will never know because my life here will end with a solid belief in God's promise for my future, a future that is so much bigger than the life I have here on earth. And if there is no God, I will never know, because I will go down believing in all that He has promised me. I am not afraid to die. I am not fearful of what tomorrow holds because the One holding tomorrow knows what is perfect for my life. I don't mean to sound egotistical about my faith, I am just confident! Confident in the promises given freely to all of us.


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K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

> I just live, the best I can, showing an example of what faith can do. I am not secret about my faith, everyone who knows me or is friends with me on Face Book knows the relationship I have with God and I hope that shines through in the way I live my life.

In other words, you are a witness and that is exactly what Jesus told us to be. You are a living, breathing testimony of a life transformed by Christ and those who see you, see God at work in you and through you.

Like you, I am so thankful that my hope is not in people or things. It is in God. I am thankful that I can rest in the confidence that He will never leave me or forsake me and He is with me every step of the way.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Nancy.. i did not have the habit of watching the news or media, but I learnt that I have to know what is happening around the world, I have to be watchful of the time of His coming which is closely related to the happenings around. I have to be prepared.

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