Good Morning Mommy!

Good Morning Mommy

"This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it." Psalms 118:24

It starts at about 5 am. Just a few faint noises through the baby monitor that is set on the dresser next to our bed. Just giggle or a "mamamama", a small noise to wake us up. We wait for the little giggles to turn into impatient whines and mild screams of "dadadada!!"

Then as we try to capture our last moment of peace it happens, the cute little cues she's been giving us turn into screams, screams that can make one of us jump out of bed to quiet her (especially if we have an overnight guest or the older kids have friends over). I'll be honest, it's usually dad, he's the one who sits up on the edge of the bed and sighs... . Then I say "I can get her", his calm reply is the same every morning, "I'll go, I really like our mornings, I just have to wake up". Some mornings I fall right back asleep, taking advantage of an extra 1/2 hour or so of precious precious sleep. But most mornings my thoughts turn directly to gratefulness. These early morning conversations is my time for sleepy, maybe a bit disorganized, one on one conversations with God. I tell him many things in this time. How thankful I am for my husband who gets up every morning to spend precious time with his little girl. I discuss my thankfulness for my three beautiful, healthy children and express concerns I have about their lives, their faith, or maybe I celebrate the wonderful people they are becoming. I discuss with Him anything that may be going on in their lives. I talk to him about the pain I feel for those I know who are suffering, a prayer for strength and understanding. Then I may drift into a lite sleep until baby comes crashing through through the bedroom door screaming "MAMAMAMAMMM", her little legs running to me. She looks at me and then leans her head in for a quick hug, and maybe finds time to either shove a piece of half chewed toast into my sleeping lips or smack me in the face with her sippy cup filled with milk. And now, I am awake too.

Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion. Although this constant state of disorder and confusion is at times overwhelming and discouraging, I have learned (through the trials of myself and many others) to embrace what seems impossible. I do my best to find the daily joy in shoes that do not fit, to find joy in basketball uniforms washed in the kitchen sink at 6 am because I forgot to do it the night before. And then there's the sticky syrup in baby's hair and ears and somehow on her belly that seems impossible to wipe clean with a wash cloth. I think that to find the minute pieces of joy amidst the chaotic life of a mom is the greatest blessing we could ever pray for. The days go fast, we are blessed to wake up each day to theses wonderful beings, we do not know what is destined for our tomorrow, or theirs.We have no idea of God's plan, today could possibly be our last day to make a positive impact on our blessings.


Welcome Nancy!

Oh...yeah! Those days, two me it seems like yesterday. But my oldest twin son's are 30,and my younger son is 25yrs old. Yeah it goes by fast, before you know it they are going on their first date. Or worse getting their drivers license! :) No doubt that you should cherish the time you have and the things that you have.

Be blessed forever

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:hi: Nice to meet you


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:welcome: to CB! May it bless you as it has blessed me.


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