It's Not Promised

Weekday mornings in our house are a bit of a whirlwind. With myself, a 15-year-old, a 10-year-old, and a 2-year-old all running around like crazy people, trying to stay ahead of schedule, the house sometimes gets a bit messy. Okay, most mornings when we all dash out the door it looks as though a tornado had come though. The beauty of my life is that my home, my job, the school, and the daycare are all within one-half mile of one another. Most days I get an hour for lunch and I am able to go home and spend the duration of that time picking up the mess we left behind that morning. There's nothing better than to come home to a clean house after working all day! I depend on this lunch time to make sure the house is in order not only for my own peace of mind, but just in case we have visitors who may stop by unannounced. (Which happens often) A few days ago we once again dashed out the door. I looked around as I was leaving and took a quick assessment of how much of my lunch hour would be consumed with cleaning and organizing, my parents were coming over for dinner so I wanted the house to be presentable. Well, that day work became hectic and before I knew it the afternoon was gone and I never got home to pick up the mess... ..

This made me think about how much I depend on that time each day, time that which is not promised but most days is given to me. I thought about how I should become more of a morning person so I would rush less and be more prepared. Prepared for the unplanned. I thought about how so many things we depend upon and look forward to are not promised and many times taken for granted... ..

Last night I was honored to be able to sit in a cinema with many other people (with many tissues) and watch the most beautiful documentary I have ever seen. I was able to watch the most magnificent love story unfold, a story of true love and unshakable faith. To Joey, With Love played in select cinemas on September 20th. It is the story of Joey Martin Feek, and incredible singer, wife, mother, and woman of faith. She was half of the husband and wife singing duo Joey+Rory. She passed away earlier this year from cervical cancer. A few years back they decided to take time off from their successful career as they were expecting a baby. So they put their musical career on hold to spend time together and document their life at their small farmhouse. During this time off Joey gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Indiana. Shortly after she was born, they found out that little Indy had down syndrome, they knew God gave them the baby that he wanted them to have, and what an adorable child she is. At her 12-week checkup Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer, with surgery the doctors thought they had removed it all but about a year later the cancer was back and had spread. They decided to end treatments last fall and spend the time she had left together with their family. She passed away earlier this year, just after he daughters 2nd birthday, and shorty after their new CD of classic gospel hymns topped the charts, Hymns That Are Important To Us. Through all of this their trust in God remained. If you haven't read about them, take a bit of time to follow their story. I promise you will find it truly inspiring.

Nothing is promised. Not a lunch break, not our health, not the plans we so diligently make. I look at my future and so excitedly look forward to one day retiring with my husband and traveling. I want to live until I'm at least 90, with him by my side! But this is not promised, nothing is promised except that one day, no matter how or when it happens, we will live with Jesus if we only accept Him! One day we will celebrate in that amazing home He has waiting for us. This IS promised!! But until then I pray that every day I must remember that everything will not stay the same, I will not always have my parents to lean on and I may not always have my husband to lay down with at night. My kids are a gift that I am to treasure. I pray that I remember to live each day as if it's my last and make the most of today because tomorrow is not promised!



Reference:"To Joey With Love: Two-Night Event Sept. 20 & Oct. 6." Web. 22 Sept. 2016.

Beth M @blest ·

Nevet forget that

Cherish what you have

Take it from me

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I laid down one cold, dark December night and almost never woke up again. That changed my view of life of life forever.

I looked up this movie and discovered that there is on encore showing in my town on October 6th. I am heartbroken that it is on a Thursday night because I have a prior commitment that I can't change.

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