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A month and a half ago I had a surgery to correct some heartburn issues I've had for many years. I had high hopes that with surgery on Friday, I could rest over the weekend and be back to work on Monday. (I am self employed so paid time off is not an option). Well, my recovery definitely did not fall into my plans and yet, a month and a half later my life is exactly as He had planned. Perfect. After the surgery I was good for about a week, but then everything went down hill. Trips to the emergency room and medication that basically debilitated me. I found myself in bed for most of a month. It was a tough time with many different issues that extended my recovery. During this time I had a substantial amount of quite time to talk with God. My husband, the one who kept everything together during those uncertain moments, is a saint. He was able to work his full time job, get the older kids to their baseball and softball games, and still manage to keep the baby bathed and happy. He also did his best to keep our small business running on top of everything else.

It's times like these when we realize how much we need others. I am certain that God's perfect plan puts the friends we need in our lives and He removes the ones we don't. I can say that I "know" a lot of people, but my list of dependable friends is not very long. The kind of friends who know my heart, and sometimes know me better than I know myself are few and far between. Some friends come and go. Some dwindle as years go on and lives change. Some we just follow on social media, but then there are those friends who we share that undeniable bond with. A special connection. Many years ago while working for a large corporation I became friends with a colleague. We worked In a world that was primarily dominated by men but her and I found a way to excel and be quite successful in a man's world. Years later she retired and I was able to become self-employed in the same field. Life worked out very well for both her and I. Through the years our friendship has become more than just a friendship. She helped me through a divorce, raising children as a single mom, and most recently helping my new husband and I keep our business afloat through my difficult recovery.

When my recovery when down hill and I ended up in the ER she had her car packed in a matter minutes to begin her 3 hour drive to come to our rescue. Because she knows the business, she was able to run our store. She kept the customers happy (that's not always easy) and managed to help as much as she could with the kids and everything at home. (Did I tell you she's retired :) She get's tired fast)
I know she was probably more than tired, most likely exhausted, but she kept going for me and for that I am beyond thankful.

There's an old hymn called What A Friend We Have In Jesus written by Joseph Scriven, a poem he wrote to his mother because he couldn't be with her during her last days that later was composed into a song. Today it's on my top list of hymns.

"Are we weak and heavy-laden,
Cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior, still our refuge -
Take it to the Lord in prayer"

God always, always, takes care of me, of us. I talked to Him, scared who would go to work the next days and weeks because there was no way I could possibly go. But, the dark moments don't seem to last as long with my faith in Him to sustain me. With friends to support me and the Ultimate Friend to look over my every need, I too find solace in the Lord.

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K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have several such friends and they are such a blessing! One of them lives halfway around the world which can be very useful when you need a shoulder to cry on at
2:00 am. for she is up and about.

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