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If you live in the United States of America, you can count yourself more fo
If you live in the United States of America, you can count yourself more fortunate than most of the mass of population who abide on this planet. Typically the average American is afforded greater opportunities, freedoms, protection, encouragement, fortune, variety of life and other blessings far beyond citizens of others nations. The U.S. is truly a land of plenty, flowing with milk and honey. Why? I would argue first and foremost; without reservation, because of our original foundation of faith upon the one true God. Many cringe at the thought, however chances are they have done little to add to aforementioned blessings of this country.

This country has prospered, because of the shadowing hand of God in protection and prosperity. When you obey God, He must follow His own law and show mercy and blessing of every kind. When you disobey God, then you are opened to His judgement or cursings. These statues are exampled throughout His holy word. So what is this country's recent and future proof of these precepts?

Before we enter that lesson, let's qualify a statement. Do you believe in Wrong? Is there any wrong in this country or the world? Many would say define "wrong". A stupid request, but let's appease those who would ask so that as the scriptures say, "I would not have you to be ignorant". Wrong is that which is contrary to right. Defined by whom. As defined by God, who else? So God defines what is right and what is wrong, not a warped societal idea, precepted by twisted arguments or ideas. But the real God determining that murder is wrong and love is good. Not wrong love, but genuine unconditional love as He shows all mankind.

Okay, okay on to our point. So wrong is wrong; when some one murders another, when lust leads to adultery, when jealousy leads to hurt, when disrespect leads to destruction, when disagreement leads to death, hurt, pain, destruction. You know wrong. God has made it clear - follow Him and be blessed, follow ourselves and be cursed. I won't share the world's history about the curses, but let's look at our own country's recent share.

Pat Robinson, the great tele-evangelist was raked over the coals, because of a recent comment he made. He stated that Haiti was punished for obeying and following Satan as opposed to God. Haiti's general beliefs have been based upon beliefs contrary to God, though Haiti isn't the U.S., it needed to be pointed out before we made similar statements.

New Orleans faced great devastation, because of a hurricane, could it have been because of open behavior contrary to God's law? NY faced great devastation, could it have been because of one of the largest cities in the country representative of the nation, where greed, homosexuailty, hate and harm are common place?

And now our country is turning a corner. A decision is looming on the near horizon. Do we as a country support our military personnel's ability to openly practice one of the most horrific wrongs against God? A wrong He considers to be a stench in His nostrils. A wrong that He declares if practiced He will not allow the practioner admittance in his Kingdom. Homosexuality!

Are we ready as a country to be protected by those who would find acceptance of the greatest wrong of all times. Do you realize you will open the door of destruction for this country by turning a blind eye, deaf ear, cold shoulder, trick knee and any other weak body part to the indifference of taking a stand for this nation. Many mock at this idea, but I would assure you this is no joking matter. Image for a moment if any of this arguement is true, what would be the consequences?

It truly had better strike the true fear of God that actually means something in the very core of your being. Take action against something whose wrong will impact you to the bitter end. Our President and those who believe those who practice wrong have a right, believe you don't. This president is taking an extremly strong stand for wrong, he was appointed to his post by a people who wanted change. A change to indifference, a change to contentment with wrong, a change to lack of moral fiber, a change to weakness in national security, a change to "I'm the president and you listen to my wrong stands".

If you believe in God, believe in this country, believe in judgement, you had better make your stand. Call, email, facebook or whatever the means of communication everybody you know, including Senators, Representatives and every other American to tell them acceptance of the wrong morals in our military and government is wrong and you won't stand for it.

Do you agree?

Published: Feb 02 2010 07:15:12pm

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