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What percentage of American children are homeschooled? published by
Ask Yahoo had a good question today, "What percentage of American chil
Ask Yahoo had a good question today, [url=]"What percentage of American children are homeschooled?"[/url]

The answer is 2.2%. That answer seems reasonable. The article also cited an interesting report [url=]Homeschooling in the United States: 2003[/url].

The report also has other interesting statistics.

Homeschooled students were more likely to be White, to have families with three or more children in the household, to have two parents (especially when only one parent was in the labor force), and to have parents whose highest level of educational attainment was a bachelor's degree or higher.

Except for being white, we fit the other two. We have three kids and I have a bachelor's and my wife has a master's.

The reason for homeschooling that was most frequently cited as being applicable was concern about the environment of other schools including safety, drugs, or negative peer pressure. Eighty-five percent of homeschooled students were being homeschooled, in part, because of their parents' concern about the environment of other schools. The next two reasons for homeschooling most frequently cited as applicable were to provide religious or moral instruction (72 percent) and dissatisfaction with academic instruction at other schools (68 percent).

I pretty much agree with all three reasons.

Parents who used one or more of the following sources of curriculum or books for their children's home education: a public library (78 percent); a homeschooling catalog, publisher, or individual specialist (77 percent); a retail bookstore or other store (69 percent); and an education publisher that was not affiliated with homeschooling (60 percent). Approximately half of homeschooled students used curriculum or books from homeschooling organizations.

We use a library, homeschooling catalogs, an art teacher, internet bookstores, and homeschool curriculum providers (BJU, CLP, et al). I think another notable thing they didn't mention is computer based education, which we also make use of.

Yahoo also mentions some negatives of homeschooling.
On the other hand, homeschooled kids miss out on many of the social aspects of school like dances and yummy cafeteria food.

I would think missing out on dances and cafeteria food would actually be a good thing.

Published: Oct 06 2006 04:00:12am

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Karen Hoagland (@philippiansfourseven)

Hi Otseng, Thanks for posting these statistics! I'm thinking that the percentage of homeschoolers is going to be increasing drastically with all the school violence in the last weeks. I know there are many who would like to homeschool, but are reliant on two incomes. There are others that would like to homeschool, but feel inadequate without a degree themselves. We've given up some stuff so I can stay home with the kids. My own education was both my motivation and my stumbling block. I have no degree, I was intimidated by homeschoolers that did... .however, I got over it and my first homeschool graduate is doing quite well in her classes at the local college. AND as I type this she's at a local public school's Homecoming dance... she was at a different one last weekend! This would be her senior year if she attended public school. Funny, her second p.s. dance in two weeks....and one of our most constant critics was giving me the 'socialization' speech tonight on the phone... how she's missed so much not attending a 'real' school. I have to laugh it off or I'd be bald from pulling my hair out! I am hoping that she'll look back on the years we've spent together and look past my flaws... and remember the lunches as much better than cafeteria food!

Oliver Tseng (@otseng)

Not sure yet. Though going to St Croix might be a possibility.

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