How God delivered me from insomnia

>Psalm 3:3 In this verse David talks about God's protection and God's amazing faithfulness. About a year ago I had trouble sleeping. I couldn't sleep and when I did a million thoughts ran through my mind. My mind paced and there were times just out of the blue that I couldn't sleep. Something bothered me, wouldn't let me sleep. I prayed to God and asked him to deliver me from the insomnia I was suffering with. A couple weeks past and I felt better and was sleeping better. But when I fell asleep I noticed I had dreams that were dirty and just bizarre beyond understanding. I soon developed a fear of sleeping because I didn't want to have those dreams. I felt guilty like I was sinning every time I had those dreams. I didn't know what to do but just ask God for help. About a year later I was lying down and I noticed a calender on the side of my bed caught between the mattress and the wood. The calender was of famous male celebrities and on the calender words of lust were written on it. I immediately grabbed it and threw it away. The next night I slept 10 times better and no sudden wake ups out of the blue. I knew God had guided me on finding what was hindering me from sleeping. But after time God showed me that I couldn't sleep in the beginning of my insomnia because I wasn't trusting him to be my savior, my shield, and my protection. King David in Psalms 3 wrote about God being his protection. You see King David's son Absalom had turned against him. Can you imagine his own flesh and blood against him? We can have our boss, our co-workers or our neighbors but not our own flesh and blood? So imagine your own flesh and blood rebelling and betraying you? Absalom tried taking David out. He turned people against David to the point David had to leave his throne and run from Absalom. :Read the whole story:2 Samuel 13,14,15,16,17,18 In the mist of all David's troubles he still honored and praised God as his protector, his shield, and strength (Ps.3:3) David was so confident in God as his protector that in verse 5 he proclaims God's faithfulness. See David had to camp out in the middle of the night in the wilderness and run for his life because his own son wanted to kill him. David didn't pace or worried about Absalom killing him, because David had the best protection and that was God. The one who lifts his head which metaphorically means "lifts me up from my troubles, liberated me from all harm" We don't need to worry about anything because we as God's children have a Father who provides and protects us from all harm. In Psalms 4:8 David says in peace he sleeps because only God alone keeps him safe. King David had a lot of enemies, he had so much to do, so much problems that were family and war related. But not once do we see David throw in the towel and say "I'm through" he kept going for the glory of God. He praised God during his trials because David knew God was the only one who could keep him safe. David trusted God awake and trusting in him sleeping. Even though David had a million and one reasons to stay awake at night, he trusted God at all times. We don't need to fear man or the schemes of the devil, but fear God on what he can do and say. When we start fearing God, he produces in us peace, kindness and lets us rest and guides us in all we do. We can fall asleep confidently trusting God for protection at night. Lay down our worries and pray before sleeping for a good night rest in him. How many of us do that? I didn't learn this until I started believing God for protection in all areas of my life. Big or small God can do it.

Elizabeth Emyers @mistletoe ·

wow. What can I say that was amazingly well thought out. I think you can do a lot with that.
I was facing trials from every direction. Every which way I turned I was attacked I wish I had read this then Those trials are gone and past. (Thank and praise the living God) I bet there are people out there right now who could really use such a great message. I'll be praying for you.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Hey Paps, You could preach for weeks on this one! Saviour, Shield, Protector, Provider, Strength... Sometimes it is easier to acknowledge the power of the enemy than the power of God. We are indeed the Redeemed of the Lord, and he giveth his beloved sleep.:sleepsleep:

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Great blog Paprika! I have trouble from time to time, usually because I am not trusting in God and letting FEAR run my thoughts. These verses have encouraged me greatly, and when I am trusting in the Lord, and working as unto Him, I sleep like a baby. Praise God!

[bible]Proverbs 3:23-25[/bible]

[bible]Ecclesiastes 5:11-13[/bible]



Ben Mclean @benmclean ·

I had a similar experience for the last year. The sleeping issue. But your blog helps. Thanks


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