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Haven't you ever noticed that the closer you walk with the Lord, the mo
Haven't you ever noticed that the closer you walk with the Lord, the more Satan will try to attack? How? Well, Satan's ultimate goal is to discourage, divert, and generally hurt all God's children. Satan does NOT want God's children to be strong and unite because the power would definitely topple Satan's dominion. In my personal life, I've noticed that and that's why I'm feeling led to post here. Satan has tried every trick in his dirty book to try to discourage, tempt, and use numerous diversions to halt my mind on the Lord. However, I know deep down in my heart that the one who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world.

I encourage each of you that as you grow, keep focuses on the Lord. Don't let the master deceptor fool you. Go to the Lord in prayer and keep meditating on His Word.

Published: Aug 20 2007 04:45:51pm

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Wesley Dickens (@wesleyhd)

Thanks for the words of encouragement and hope. I pray that whatever the trials, temptations, and defeats that you may be experiencing in your walk are short lived. I pray alsoe that GOD may show you how this is all part of HIS plan for you and that all of Heaven is praying for you to overcome as the heat increases. GOD is in control and HIS children have the ability to overcome all the schemes of the devil. May HE keep you strong and surround you with people to help you along the way.

Linda Young (@savedbyegrace)

Amen Brother! And a corollary to your theory is that the closer you are to carrying out God's will or His calling, the more the attacks of the enemy will escalate. Don't forget how sly and dirty the evil one plays . . .he will even use your family, the ones you love most, to discourage and dissuade you. But the good news is, WE WIN! Great blog! Great reminder! YSIC, Grace

Samantha Shemer (@youaregolden)

Amen! Thanks for this blog. It is so true that whenever I am growing and am getting really close to God the devil throws everything he's got to turn my focus off of God. Thanks for the encouragment :) -Golden

Virginia Sills (@happytoberestored)

Yup, why would the enemy bother those who he already has deceived into believing him into leading sinful lives? So, the enemy sets his dirty sights on God-fearing Christians who are out doing the work of Jesus that He called us to do -- making disciples of all nations. Praise God when the enemy attacks you, for that in itself is a testament that you are in God's will! Woo hoo. The enemy can't beat me -- he's already lost! YSIC, Virginia

Don Perkins (@perkblog)

I believe that is mostly true, but what about people in my case? please read my blog in the introduction area..It's in two parts and very long.

Clair Evans (@macavity)

Thankyou for this, I was just thinking the same with regards to my own stresses and struggles this morning, and it was good for me and encouraging indeed to hear the same from someone else. I feel more resolved to "fight the good fight" now, knowing I am on the side of God and we will win in the end! Love and blessings x

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