A loving invitation to eastern seekers

To My Dear Seeker Friends, (My Christian friends will profit by seeing how God is not bound by culture - and how we must all yield in humility to Him. Please respect this loving invitation to my many seeker friends)

You may have been raised or have become Hindu, New Age, Buddhist - or some other similar faith. Or you may be simply seeking peace through Yoga, killing your TV (good idea!) and meditation.
This is a simple description of what happens as you allow Jesus into your life. We realize you are attracted to Him - but perhaps a little frightened as well. This is natural - and easy to understand as we look at who He is and how very much He loves us.

Many seek peace and/or the ability to focus on that which is most beautiful. You see many Americans - even Christian Americans - running around constantly in a materialistic "rat race". Most American Christians, honestly, are desperately in need of teaching about prayer, seeking God, and a more spiritual lifestyle.

I am among those who need this. It's very exciting to see how people from your cultural viewpoint will be used to bless us all! Keep in mind that I will pursue peace, freedom from being controlled by desire, and all the tremendous blessings which come from peace.

But you see something in US as well. What you see in us is Love and the Spirit of Jesus. We need to grow. But we also have PEACE in our spiritual DNA.
Sometimes we have had people show us, as individuals, a lot of admiration. We're allowing ourselves to be channels of His Love. We're far from perfect.It's just Jesus shining through us. Our mutual love and respect for each other will only deepen as we continue to grow spiritually. It's a beautiful mystery. Normally time and familiarity can make things worse. In HIM I have found relationships to just get deeper and richer.

So please be very excited about the Spirit that is IN us. He is WONDERFUL! We AGREE with that!

We would like you to know the path of blessing we offer - and explain how to enter through The Door (Jesus) into a real taste of Spiritual Paradise.

As you look at the gods people worship, compare them to Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life of Love. But His sacrifice of His Own Life for us places Him in a category by Himself. Even if you look at the divine attributes some "gods" represent - you can see these attributes in super abundance in Jesus.

We TRUST you to follow the truth to a beautiful conclusion. As you honor your parents and that which you were raised in, you may come to this conclusion. The loving and honorable parents and relatives you have would make the same good choices you may be led to make if they were to see what you see. You honor them best by pursuing God with all your heart. They will thank you. I have seen this many times.

This path always involves what we call a "beautiful crisis". It would be much worse if that were not so. All good stories involve this sort of thing - so the greatest story ever told has the most amazing experience ever.

You might be seeking more focus - more control over your life. Almost all of us have had times of bitterness, loneliness, sorrow or pain. Perhaps sorrow and depression has become a chronic pain. It's that way for many people. So when His Love asks your heart to YIELD to Him - where you actually GIVE control of your life to Him - well that seems like it might be the opposite of what you thought you should be doing.

Our controlling human mind is like a computer program with bugs in it. Our left brain - our controller - holds our hearts in bondage. And it operates - even at the best - on the basis of fear. It seeks to avoid chaos and pain. So even as our minds operate at their "best" - they avoid the very thing that will set our hearts free. The cross is something our human heart avoids with every ounce of strength. It's not pretty. It is an instrument of torture and death. Jesus knew that when He embraced it for us.

Jesus is very good at setting us free. When we look at Him in the passion of His Suffering Love for us - our hearts are pulled irresistably to Him. We KNOW, in our heart of hearts, that God was in Jesus - showing a perfect and true Love. We may put ourselves into the shoes of Mary - His mother. She knew He was conceived by a miracle. She nurtured Him as an infant and watched him grow through those beautiful, innocent, early years. But the amazing thing is that as he grew and matured - He never lost that beautiful innocense - even as he matured into a strong young man. To see cruel men brutalize Him, beat Him, strike Him,mock Him, and then KILL her beautiful precious son was difficult in the extreme. I'm sure all the memories - from his birth on - just broke her precious heart.

This is why our mind yields control. It's simply too much to take. It's a bit of a crisis. Our hearts feel like they just flip upside down. But our so called "broken hearts" are really just the yielding of our human mind of control - based on fear. Our HEARTS are, in fact, set free. We end up in a place of PERFECT SAFETY. We've actually died WITH Him - when we yield to Him. We are now immortal. We can never die again. We are born again with the same DIVINE SPIRIT which raised HIM from the dead.

To know, for sure, that you have truly passed from death to life - from the mortal to the immortal - just ask yourself this: "Do I feel that He has proven Himself worthy of my complete adoration? Has He won my heart? Has he purchased me with His Blood?
It's similar to a marriage. We who Love Him are now corporately His Bride. We don't reject other "lovers" because we are judgemental "Know It Alls" - or arrogant. Such Love wins our hearts. We give our lives to Him.

Many who call themselves Christians - but who have never yielded to His Love - have an intellectual belief in Him. But even Satan BELIEVES in Jesus - in absolute TERROR. Only those who have given themselves to Him have what we call "Living Faith". It's a mind thing, to some extent. But to a much greater extent it is a heart thing. Ultimately it's a SPIRIT thing!

Now here comes the really exciting part. God has promised to pour His DIvine Spirit into those who give themselves to Him. This causes an ecstasy beyond the ability of words to describe. Often God has someone who is full of the Holy Spirit of God to lay their hands on you. When that happens that same Spirit enters YOUR body and mind. Trust me. This is the "to die for" experience. NOTHING matters after that!

When you see me acting "too happy" - oh MY - that's Jesus playing the strings of my heart like a master musician. I'd die for just a few minutes of this - this amazing LOVE!

Each of us who have been filled by this Holy Spirit, the same Spirit which was in Jesus, are spiritual - not from any human effort or spiritual exercise - but because His very real Divine Spirit has filled you. You are now a prophet or prophetess - as HE flows through YOU as He has flowed through us!

Now here's what's exciting to US! Western culture has gotten mixed with our religion. You can't mix flesh and spirit. So what we have is sometimes kind of sick. You have your cultural baggage, we have ours. The problem is we often fail to recognize that we live unspiritual life styles - and that we have some foul garbage in our spiritual soup.

This is a NEW DAY - a time when the "west" no longer "owns" the Christian Faith. We who preach Christianity are likely to see itpreached back to us in the beautifully spiritual lives of those in whom Jesus now lives. This very day I just heard a very "westernized" Christian history teacher say that he believes we will be profoundly changed when Christians from all over the world show US what Jesus really does when He fills us.

Your open hearts INSPIRE us to open OUR hearts. So let's all go forward trusting that we are all in for some wonderful blessings - as we all yield to Him.

Kip Petzold @peoplepower ·

I know many of the bloggers on this site. I know you are humble, loving and full of a passionate Love for Jesus. This site has world wide exposure. Please realize that each of you is being invited to participate in the one of the most beautiful things the world has ever seen - as Christianity bursts its western cultural bonds. There are now more dedicated, practicing Christians in China alone - than in the United States. Korean Christians are at the forefront of loving Christian outreach. My parents went to Korea to learn whatever they could by studying the highly effective churches in Korea. Indians have really thrown off the old colonial shackles. They are at the bold cutting edge of economic freedom. They are, however, concerned at the westernization of their culture - as materialism, self orientation, and other toxic influences invade their culture. How AMAZING is it that they might be used by God to combat this and free us from our OWN shackles - as a new wave of Indian Christians show us what the life and teachings of Jesus do to set us ALL free.

Please show lots of the abundant love you have. I have imperfectly shared my best invitation. Pray that God can overcome my imperfections to reveal His True and Perfect Love to the very dear people who are open hearted enough to read this with a seeker's eagerness.

My joy is bursting and overflowing as we see God show off in our midst. We do very little. Yet people are just irresistibly drawn to Jesus! Let's be in Holy Awe as God does what He so lovingly desires to do!

And let's continue to do what we've been endeavoring to do right along - be open to God - yielded to Him - and eager to change and grow as God reveals Himself.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was an incredible blog that the Lord from all families on earth are named will bless these words and use them for his glory, for such words will not die, but will reap the harvest in the the same spirit that they were conceived.


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