First Samuel - Religion or Relationship

I'd like to update everyone. I've been scarce.

First of all, we have really been blessed by the powerful pictures, in 1 Samuel, of religion vs relationship. It starts with Hannah, mother of Samuel. Her husband says, "Isn't my love for you better than 10 children". The book starts on that wonderful not and just keeps getting better.

My church in the Mexicantown district of Detroit is caught up in a wonderful move of God. Amazing things are happening. And it was pretty much dying just a short time ago. Many began to fast and pray. God heard those prayers.

It looks like the leadership of the church will formally authorize the use of the "Wildfire Training Series" that you can find under my blogs. They already have me teaching the teen class. Many amazing people are joining us out of NOWHERE. Others are getting saved.

Second, I've entered a new phase in how I fellowship with the Lord. You all will think me nuts. That's okay. I'd think me nuts, too, if I were you. But I was spiritually assaulted by all the exhaustion and stress and the end of each day. But now I (please bear with me) dance in the Lord's presence for hours on end. God only got me to sleep by sort of (this is weird) moving his presence from the room as a whole and into my bed. So I'd dive into bed and sleep with all of God's blessing. I still play worship music all night. So I wake up and pick up where I left off.

My family, too, also thinks I'm nuts - I think. Yet they still respect my time.

The strange thing is that I have not been subject to temptation since I began this more than a month ago. I can even be sick and have a bad headache and will go to bed healed. It's better than going to bed with my burden on my soul.

I'll also sit in meditation and worship. Movement expresses emotion. But one must be still to really rend one's heart. Then, too, there are the times of complete peace - so I can hear God. In each of these approaches I find myself feeling things I haven't felt since I was a very young child.

I know. That makes sense. I'm not saying this is the new thing everyone should do. But if you tend to get sleepy when you're trying to pray, I recommend standing - at the least. And if you feel God wants you to, raise your arms in praise - or simply begin to move as you feel the Spirit prompting you. I learned from my baby granddaughter. So it's not complicated.

Maybe we'll share the same padded cell - or neighboring cells.

But I do feel it's right and good to "go off on God". Tell Him how you Love Him in 50 different ways. Say all you've ever wanted to say and all He's been wanting to HEAR. Delight in the fact that you are delighting HIS heart.

I don't know about you, but I've given Him enough pain and grief that I sure enjoy giving Him pleasure.

If you've considered Yoga or Tai Chi please consider my humble opinion that those things are THIN SOUP compared to yielding to the Spirit. I don't want to be devoid of thought. Peace is God. Yielding your mind is good. That "right brain" euphoria we get when we are overwhelmed by His Love and our natural mind of human reason surrenders is good.

But I much prefer beautiful thoughts to no thought. I'll have plenty of time for "no thought" when I sleep in Him (die). And Tai Chi is about getting control, not yielding it. And I've never seen it work for any of the dear folks I've seen try it. But maybe it gives them some escape from the stress in life. I'm not putting them down (except one of them kept just about kicking me when I was pumping iron in the gym).

But how can you compare Tai Chi with being caught up in PURE LOVE and moving spontaneously in the Spirit in harmony with the most beautiful thoughts, dreams and visions ever given to man???? I don't think you can.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Glad to hear from you again, for you bring such joy to my soul.



So wonderful to hear from you again.

Kip Petzold @peoplepower ·

I feel that some of you have been praying for the Christians here in Detroit. THANK YO SO MUCH.

We are getting amazing help and support.

Kip Petzold @peoplepower ·

And now it's that time . . .
I so LOVE this time of the day.

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