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Genesis - The Fruit Of The Spirit - Self Control The "Eve/Cain" R
Genesis - The Fruit Of The Spirit - Self Control

The "Eve/Cain" Riddle

This is a continuation of the first blog on this topic. It's important to read part 1 first.

Let's look at what God said to Cain. God recognizes that Cain's earth bound and works based mindset has left him angry and depressed. He says to him, "If you're doing good, shouldn't you be feeling good (lifted up)?"

Well that was the problem, wasn't it?

Cain had worked hard - and offered some of his hard earned produce to God. We know he offered it under some kind of sense of obligation, too. As we mentioned in the previous blog - if you realize everything you give was a gift to you, you can give it cheerfully.

But what happens when you give something you yourself feel you worked hard to get - and THEN IT GETS REJECTED! And your brother - who does nothing but follow sheep around - has HIS offering ACCEPTED!.

So no! In Cain's world, doing good is more likely to make you resentful and angry than "lifted up".

Without The Shedding Of Blood . . .

We know that "without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins". Did Cain and Abel realize that? It may seem like a "stretch", but it's not.

First of all, they did not kill animals for food, in that era. We see, in Genesis 9:1-3, that prior to the covenant with Noah, after the flood, God's people lived as vegetarians. Yet when Adam & Eve had clothed themselves with "fig leaves", God had replaced this with garments of skin (3:21).

A vegetarian will feel a particular revulsion at killing an animal. Yet Abel chose the raising of sheep as his trade. The wool and hides were useful for clothing. But he was not raising the sheep to serve as food. In one sense, then, Abel's trade of shepherd was a ministry of reconciliation. His sheep had two purposes regarding such a ministry: as sacrifices for atonement, and to provide garments so that God's people would not be naked but clothed in the righteousness of God.

Secondly, Eve had been given the promise that one of her descendents would "crush the head" of the serpent. So the fact that the Messiah would be the "lamb of God" who would "take away the sin of the world" was probably fairly clear to Abel.

Cain rejected that. And it's likely he even clothed himself with garments made from the produce of the earth. He refused to buy a sheep from Abel for the sacrifice. It's unlikely he purchased hides or wool from him either. But by rejected the animal sacrifice and the idea of the shedding of blood for atonement, Cain was certainly NOT clothed in the Lord's righteousness - but in his own "good works".

Comparing The Two Pronouncements

You can go to and select the hebrew. It shows it with English characters and gives the meaning of each word. So you don't really need to know hebrew. And you can drill into each word to get a better idea of its meaning.

To Eve the Lord said:
Wu al ishek (and to your husband) teshookatek ([will be] your desire), wu hu (and he) yimshal (will rule) bak ([over] you).

To Cain the Lord said:
Here's the entire saying in English:
"Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? “If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it.”

The Hebrew:
wu eleikah (and for you) teshokato ([will be] it's desire) wu atah (and you) timshal bo (will rule over it)

If you drill into the root word for "desire" it is the same in both cases (teshookah). And if you drill into the word for the verb "rule" it too is the same (mashal).

What Is The Impact Of This "Riddle"

This riddle is rich - generating many rich meanings. We will provide one that God is revealing in our worship music context.

We know from Psalm 8 that God intended man to rule and have dominion over the earth. Suddenly it becomes painfully obvious that the first man must learn to rule over and master his own flesh. Also it is "sin" which is "crouching at the door". So man must learn to do SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

The Messiah will "crush the serpent's head". And the power of this victory is available to Cain if he will honor the promised Messiah who would be the "Lamb Of God" who would "take away the sin of the world".

Instead of mastering sin, sin took dominion over Cain.

Eve, on the other hand, pictures the BRIDE OF CHRIST who will find freedom and deliverance under the rulership of the Messiah. And her heart is conquered by HER LORD as he sheds His innocent blood for her (as Abel's innocent blood was shed).

Amazingly, it is in HER body that the HOLY ONE is conceived. So she becomes an active participant in salvation in her SPIRITUAL UNION with the Spirit Of God.

The Messiah and The BRIDE will ultimately take absolute dominion over the earth.

In submission the Bride shares in the dominion of her Lord. So we have the fruit of the Spirit of "self control" as we live in submission. He will rule our hearts.

Now Enter Into Praise And Worship

Now watch how God brings all of this home as WE now, all over this world, IN THIS AMAZING AGE, share in the privilege being the BRIDE and adoring and worshiping our Lord. God will give "dreams and visions" of glory to your heart. WE ARE, at this moment, experiencing the FULFILMENT of these rich things fore shadowed in Genesis. At the END of the age, we are now experiencing the things prophesied at the DAWN OF TIME.

Break our walls down (bring us into total submission to Jesus)
(The Kingdom of) Heaven Come Down!

Visions Of Glory In Worship & Praise

Your BRIDE worships you IN ALL THE EARTH!

All PRAISE to YOU for being the LAMB OF GOD who takes away the sin of the world!

All PRAISE to YOU for being the LAMB who is now WORTHY TO REIGN!

Though sin may "desire us", crouching at the door of our hearts, we give TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE SURRENDER TO YOU for OUR DESIRE IS FOR YOU and YOU will RULE OVER US!

Your BRIDE praises you from THE WHOLE EARTH our SONG rises to you!

YES, Lord, we are "doing very well" in WORSHIP AND PRAISE. So our hearts are "LIFTED UP" to YOU! So SIN is banished from our hearts!

OH LORD! Crush the head of the ancient serpent with YOUR HEEL!

MARANATHA! Come quickly Lord!
Then will the kingdoms of this world (Cain's legacy) become the Kingdom of the LORD and of HIS MESSIAH!

(Here is another video of our musical context. This version has the words. So it's complimentary to the one Tchable provided in the previous blog)

We pray to God that you will not merely have read this blog, but have entered into the Spirit and been enriched in SPIRITUAL UNION with OUR LORD JESUS!

[url=]Spirit Break Out - with lyrics[/url]

Published: Feb 03 2013 07:05:27pm

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Kip Petzold (@peoplepower)

Apparently I have no idea how to properly add a link

Kip Petzold (@peoplepower)

I had to correct a reference. I cited Proberbs 8 as the Messianic chapter saying man should have dominion. It should have said Psalm 8 and has been ammended.

Kip Petzold (@peoplepower)

You know our other "resident Hebrew scholars"? Let's see if we can turn them loose on this. I noticed it shows up more clearly in the English translations than I had thought. I know what you mean about the Spirit coming upon us. I was overpowered by the Holy Spirit's love. This topic turned out to be far richer than I'd thought. It got too big for me. So I just started freaking out with JOY and posting PRAISES based upon what I had seen in these passages. The transformation of Eve's curse in NEW COVENANT blessing is awesome beyond words. And how Mary bore the promised Savior who would "crush the serpent's head". This scripture is now far too powerful for me to cover. I hope others enter into worship and praise and add their expressions of praise based on these mysteries. I must finish up with Cain. His "wanderings" in the Land of Nod, even though he founded a city, are the sad condition of so many who cannot learn to be a part of loving Christian fellowship. I feel so sad for these wanderers.

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