Infinite Beauty - In HIM

Infinite Beauty - in HIM

Seekers with no background in Christianity are often AMAZED at the beauty they find in Jesus our Lord.

Paul talks about the death of Jesus being "at work in our bodies". This brings far more peace than "Nirvana" or whatever else you may discuss. And it's not a mind game or something "spiritual" that you sort of conjure up and hope exists. Jesus is very real. He really did die. He really did rise. The actual power of His Divine Spirit is a very real force that works in our bodies.

But what really rocks people is HIS LOVE. You can do yoga until you become a pretzel. You're going to hit a brick wall if you don't even know the DEFINITION of the word "Love" is. You dont want to make any assumptions about something so basic to our wellbeing.

So when a "New Ager" decides to open up to Jesus - usually because they are attracted by the Love they see in Him - they become unswervingly loyal to Him. They don't condemn others. They still seek to be kind, non-judgmental, and peaceful. But, to them, turning to anything else would be like committing adultery. He bought us with his LIFE'S BLOOD. That's not trivial.

So what happens to the "mystic"? The whole idea of trying to be divine becomes repulsive. Then God invites us to share in His OWN Divine Nature. What used to be blasphemy turns into a quasi romantic Spiritual Union - totally wholesome, rich and pure. And it's an amazing GIFT. He gives us Himself - and we become one with Him in spirit.

Before, as a "mystic", one sought to somehow gain control. Now you can safely YIELD control. It's such FREEDOM to be able to LET GO and rest in His Divine Love. Let's take the extreme case of hypnotism. It isn't voodoo. It's the power of suggestion. They hypnotist uses various methods to make you willing to yield yourself entirely to whatever he suggests. Don't ever do that - not even if the hypnotist is a Christian. But you can safely yield yourself 100% to your Loving God.
This leads directly into the amazing ability to actually HEAR GOD'S VOICE. Many Christians refuse to yield control. They feel a lot better just having you read the bible, get advise, and use common sense. HEARING VOICES just seems kind of like something that might require medication to get it to STOP.

But Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice". Fellowship with God is very real. It IS nice for the mystic seeker to have a book full of God's words. It's a nice anchor. It's spiritual words for spiritual people and another gift that is very REAL. Getting good advice is Jesus working through his BODY - those who are IN CHRIST. But the safety of those things simply opens the door wider so that we really can HEAR HIS VOICE - and test it so that we do not get deceived. But realize that the LOVE and the real RELATIONSHIP with God is the defining difference between the mystics former New Age seeking and wandering and coming HOME to a Loving Heavenly Father. You can't take that from them - not in a million years.
We don't have time or space to discuss the INFINITE different ways we get to explore the MYSTERY OF CHRIST. Every "mystery", in scripture, is a thing revealed to us. But since everything we have is found IN GOD HIMSELF, it's BIG. It's an amazing adventure to explore it all. The Old Testament is Jesus in Mystery. The New Testament gives the REVELATION of that Mystery. And there's just no end to the beauty we can explore in Him.

If the Church was more yielding and spiritual - rather than insecure, controlling and unspiritual, seekers would flock to us in droves. Being near us would be like catching a scent of Paradise. Wild horses couldn't hold them back.
Most of all, in yielding to Him, His LOVE is more richly revealed.

"Many will come from east and west and sit down with Abraham in the Kingdom Of God - and the 'Sons Of The KIngdom" (religious people) will be cast out." Jesus warns us that many of us will say, "We went to church. We read the bible. We taught Sunday School." And, tragically, He will have to say, "Depart from me, I never knew you."

I'm not trying to scare you. But we need to share this with our religious friends. We shouldn't make assumptions. It's easy. If you KNOW Him it only means that you yielded control. Open the door even a crack and He will come flooding in.
Don't ride on your parents' shirttails. Don't just "do the right things". Just realize that He bought you with His blood. So now you should cast your fears to the wind and YIELD to Him.

So if you know any seekers - who may have very little background in Christianity - give them the good news: They can find their hearts desire in Jesus Christ. All their seeking and all their desiring will be rewarded. Sure, there will be a "beautiful crisis". If you could just SLIDE in you'd never get that amazing "First Love" experience. That's something NO ONE should ever miss out on. Yielding isn't easy. We have fears. We have disappointments. We can be terribly insecure. But that's what makes the "beautiful crisis" possible. As soon as you realize that He "bought you with His own Life's Blood" - His very life - and GIVE yourself to Him, HE FLOODS INTO YOU. Now THAT'S something you'll never get by rapping a mantra. And the words "happiness", "joy", "Love" and "Peace" get new, far more beautiful definitions from that point on.
Nothing compares. And it's only just the beginning.

There is infinite beauty - IN HIM.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Now I remember why I have missed your blogs - wonderful pictures painted.


Lum Patterson @lummichaelpatterson ·

"I'm not trying to scare you. But we need to share this with our religious friends. We shouldn't make assumptions. It's easy. If you KNOW Him it only means that you yielded control. Open the door even a crack and He will come flooding in." Well said.

Yours in Christ, Lum

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