Psalm 78b - What This Means For Us

It's good to read Psalm 78 first. And you may wish to read the first blog I published on this Psalm. It's down on the page.

But the "Mystery Of Christ" goes much deeper.

The main problem is that God's people were chronically unfaithful. The power and love of Jesus defeated our sin on the cross - destroying both the guilt and power of sin. So just as Psalm 78 shines a spotlight on our hopeless bondage to sin - and presents the Messianic Dynasty of David as God's answer - just so we see Jesus as our deliverer. His very NAME means "deliverer".

As his DEATH works in us we have relief from the havoc our human nature causes - giving us peace, absolute and complete forgiveness, and a level of freedom from evil that is absolutely supernatural.
His LIFE working in us takes us to an entirely new level - allowing us to actually share in the divine nature. We are said to be "justified by His death", but "SAVED by His LIFE".

In "The Mystery Of Christ" we have freedom from everything bad and destructive. But that's just the beginning. Buddhism and other religions claim to take people into this freedom - but with no real and active force - only a variety of psychological techniques. We are flesh until God gives us the reality of His Divine Spirit. Apart from God we are dust - dirt. And we prove it when we die. God is an active, real and living force. And the first thing He does is give us freedom through the DEATH of Jesus.

Then that same Spirit brings us Divine Life - providing love, joy, peace and an intense euphoria that bears us up into a state of mind that is free from temptation. By faith - by drawing that Life from Jesus - we get real practical freedom in His Spirit. We are told that even our "mortal bodies" receive Life through his Resurrection Power. So unlike other mystics who crave an absence of thought and desire - we celebrate peace, yes - but beautiful thoughts fill our minds energizing us not to passivity, but to LOVE - a very active and powerful LOVE.

Emotionalism? No. REALITY
For some of us this is nice doctrine, but not a living reality in our lives. If so the answer is simple: "Look and Live". As you surrender to Him when His Love breaks your heart, you will yield. Then His DIvine Spirit will flow into you and set you free. You'll experience the reality. You will FEEL free. It's more than a mind game. It's like science. A REAL DIVINE FORCE flows into you - a real divine energy - and sets you free. Tears of joy, an intense euphoria, True Love - we call them "emotions". They are the ACTUAL PHYSICAL IMPACT of His Divine Spirit filling us. Like the Passover - his death and resurrection are historical events - not religious stories. We are grounded in fact. And the so called "emotional" impact is not untrustworthy. It shows that this isn't a religious game. Jesus lives! And the impact is actual and REAL. So why all this talk of "emotionalism". Let's just celebrate the reality of our freedom - and EXULT IN HIM!

So He is "The Desire Of Nations". He's the answer to our every need. And when the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of The Lord and of His Messiah Jesus, peace will reign on earth.
The Psalm says, right from the beginning, that this "riddle" or "mystery" is nonetheless something revealed clearly to us. They looked to the Messianic Dynasty of David. So do we. And now that we have New Life in HIS RESURRECTION - and sweet fellowship with Him in His own Holy Spirit - it is fully revealed to us.

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