Psalm 80a - I Am The Vine And You Are Branches

Psalm 80 - "I Am The Vine - You Are The Branches" (part 1 of 2)

This Psalm has powerful and obvious richness in "The Mystery Of Christ". But there is a surprising and rich element one could miss.

There is also, however, some amazing scriptural "pattern language" that is rarely noticed. Watch and see how that just BURSTS with richness!

"The Son Of Man"
Jesus often referred to himself as "the son of man". This is a covert claim to His Messiahship - from this very Psalm. We also have "Daniel 7" - another somewhat covert reference to Messiahship. Jesus avoided direct reference the Messiah image that was the most tempting for the Jews to embrace - a king of the lineage of David who would destroy Israel's enemies and come to rule the earth.

But the Messiah is really portrayed as GOD'S son!
'The son you have raised up for yourself" (v15,17)
He is pictured at the right hand of God (v17). Quoting this, Jesus is seen "at the right hand of the Father". And that shows you that this Psalm is also for our present era - and the sufferings and persecutions of the Church.

"I Am The Vine And You Are The Branches"
Who is the vine?
Israel? Yes?
"You transplanted a vine from Egypt, you drove out the nations and planted it."

Jesus? Yes?
"Watch over this vine, the root your right hand has planted, the SON you have raised up for yourself."
So this vine is simultaneous Jesus and His People.

"I am the vine and you are the branches." (John 15)

We are the very body of Christ. We are totally identified with Him. We exist only IN HIM. And He is in us.

In Isaiah we see the same thing with the "Servant of God".
The Servant of God is Israel "Who is blind like my servant?". And we all know the prophesies, like the one in Isaiah 53, which show that Jesus is "The Servant Of God".

The Root or Stump of Jesse
Jesus is referred to as a "root" for a variety of Messianic (and really awesome) reasons. One of the big ones is that he is "cut down" (killed) - as we see in this Psalm - but He cannot really be killed. This "root" is called a "seed" (Isaiah 6:13). The "shoot" or Branch which sprouts from "the stump of Jesse" (David's father) is a Messianic term ("The Branch"). This branch is always a fresh green shoot springing from the stump. This is simultaneously Jesus' resurrection and the restoration of the Eternal Dynasty Of David.

So this Psalm unites the two concepts: The vine with it's branches and the Messianic "branch" (shoot). Don't confuse the two, but they are connected. The "Vine" and the "Branch" (shoot) are both Messianic titles.

See how this Psalm is just BURSTING with Messianic Mystery?!! (And we're just skimming the surface and giving you a brief introduction). You want to "search Him out"? You now have several rich paths to follow.

"The Regathering" (Continued in the next blog in the series on Psalm 80)

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